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Conspiracy charges can arise from a variety of offenses. However, when charged in relation to a drug-offense, a conviction could bring about the same penalties as a conviction for a drug crime. If so, you may have to live your life as a convicted person, making it difficult to apply for housing, hold a job, and participate in civic responsibilities such as voting or owning a firearm.

Get in touch with an Arlington drug conspiracy lawyer today if you have been charged. By hiring a trusted attorney, you would be prepared to negotiate with the prosecution if need be, as well as ready to defend your case in court. To get started on discussing the details of your case, schedule a consultation today.

How are Drug Conspiracy Charges Different from Other Drug-Related Offenses?

Conspiracy can be tied together with other offenses since it only addresses the planning stages of the crime before the crime was or was not committed. These charges are usually issued when two or more people have a common and criminal purpose and have taken actions consistent with their purpose to see the crime manifest.

Conspiracy charges have the same penalties as the underlying charge. As a result, whatever the underlying charge is, meaning whichever drug charge they are charged with, they may face equal penalties for conspiracy alone.

Can Someone be Charged with Both Conspiracy and Separate Underlying Offenses?

Although criminal conspiracy is a different charge altogether, an individual could very well be charged with this offense along with the offense they had planned to commit. Prosecutors will potentially want to pursue either the conspiracy charge or the drug-related charge itself, but it is certainly possible for someone to be charged with both. There have been circumstances where the defendant plead guilty to one offense to avoid or decrease the severity of the other offense, but this instance is not applicable to all drug-related conspiracy cases and should merit the attention of a skilled defense attorney.

Evidence of Drug Conspiracy Offenses

One of the main pieces of evidence used in conspiracy cases is phone messages. If law enforcement is able to tap the phone of a defendant or is able to obtain a warrant to access phone records, the court will consider this evidence as critical when determining the judgement of a case. Testimony of the individuals who crafted the conspiracy would also be taken into account if they try to blame one another for the offense.

When Should Someone Get in Touch with an Arlington Drug Conspiracy Attorney?

A person should get in touch with an attorney as soon as they are charged. If arrested, individuals should make sure to not give any information to law enforcement and stay as silent as possible. Doing so decreases the chances of saying anything self-incriminating as well as providing any statements that would be used against them in court. In addition, by hiring an attorney, you will be working with someone who will take control of your case while you focus on your personal responsibilities.

If you have been charged, call an Arlington drug conspiracy lawyer to begin discussing the details of your case today.

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