What Are The First Things You Should Do After Being Charged in Arlington?

Being charged with a criminal offense for the first time can be intimidating. For this reason below is information the first things you should do if charged with a crime in Arlington, Virginia. To learn more about criminal charges or to seek legal representation call today and schedule a free consultation with an Arlington criminal lawyer.

First Steps If You Are Charged With a Crime in Arlington

The first step is to get an attorney that you trust and know will fight for you. You need to have open communication with them and feel comfortable with their approach to the case.

Delaying the hiring an attorney can only work to your detriment because an attorney will have a unique perspective on the eventual outcome of your case.  Waiting around to your court date to come into court and say “I haven’t hired an attorney yet” will only make the judges angry, they have an interest in moving the cases to the system in a quick manner. And it will not benefit you at all because you’ll be scrambling for an attorney at the last minute and you’ll take whatever you can find.  Plus, you won’t have that advocate for you and for your case from the beginning, and you could’ve made numerous missteps in the meantime.

The biggest thing you can do after being charged with the crime is to see an attorney about your case, discussing the facts with them, discussing possible defenses, and developing your strategy.

Charges Against Individuals Who Are Not From Arlington

It can be beneficial to contact an attorney in Arlington because they know Arlington better than the attorney in your home state or your home area. Keep in contact with that attorney and ask them whether your appearance is even necessary at trial. There are certain traffic offense -including speeding charges- that may not require your appearance.

No matter where you live, you need an attorney who’s familiar with the local rules, the local judges, the local prosecutors, the local police officers. So, I would hire an attorney who knows Arlington, who knows whatever jurisdiction you’re charged in even if you have a great friend who’s an attorney in your home state or home area.

Can a Criminal Charge a Conviction Affect One’s Immigration Status?

It most certainly can. The immigration laws are very tough on people who have been convicted of crimes and are always changing depending on the current political trends. Part of the great thing about our firm is that we have immigration attorneys on staff, whereas many criminal defense attorneys just take one class here and there and don’t know the impact a criminal offense can have on someone’s immigration status.

The immigration laws are detailed and case-specific. A single criminal conviction can certainly affect one’s immigration status and can often lead in deportation depending on what types of crime that you have been charged with and your current legal status.

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