Advantages of Hiring a Local Arlington Attorney For Reckless Driving Cases

Below is information on how hiring local legal counsel can have an impact on your reckless driving case in Virginia. To further discuss your case and potential defense, call today and schedule a free consultation with an Arlington reckless driving lawyer.

What Advantages Does Having Local Counsel in Arlington Reckless Driving Matters Give a Potential Client?

Local counsel is of utmost importance because familiarity with the judges, police, and prosecutors can only work in your favor.  Knowing how a judge responds to certain arguments or how they typically sentence someone in similar cases can help you make an informed decision.  They will know defenses that have worked in the past in the jurisdiction in which you are charged. And although Virginia has one state-wide code, the practice and potential outcomes are different in every jurisdiction.

Having local counsel in general reckless driving cases is of great benefit because local counsel knows the prosecutors, they know what they have offered in the past and which arguments are more impactful in a prosecutor’s determination.

They also bring the large advantage of knowing and often having working relationships with the police in that jurisdiction. This is extremely important because police input on a case can sway a prosecutor or judge to drop or dismiss charges. And lastly they bring value because they are familiar with the judges. They know which arguments are persuasive because they’ve argued in front of the judges before. Even knowing such minute details as where to stand in the courtroom and when and in what tone to speak can be very important. And because they are familiar with the judges they also can better gauge what potential outcomes will be should the case go to trial.

The knowledge of the prosecutors, police, and judges can all help their client receive the best possible outcome.

Common Defense Strategies in Reckless Driving Cases

Defense strategies for Reckless Driving as a numerous as the ways it is charged. Every case presents its’s own unique set of facts and the defense is tailored accordingly. But some defense strategies involve addressing the legality of the charge, examining witnesses for bias and accuracy, challenging the devices used to assist law enforcement, or showing how the police or other witnesses were simply mistaken.

Defense strategies are also often geared towards getting the prosecutor or judge to reduce the charges to non-misdemeanors, or at least reduce the potential punishment. By explaining to the prosecutor or judge that the client is remorseful and has taken steps to remedy the situation, a potential client can often obtain a favorable disposition.

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