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In Alexandria, as in the rest of Virginia, somebody can be found guilty of robbery if they take an item or money from a person by using violence, which could include hitting, assaulting, beating, or otherwise harming somebody in the course of taking the money or the items from the person. Assaulting is putting somebody in fear of permanent serious bodily harm.

The other way that someone can satisfy the violent element is if an individual takes something from somebody—either money or goods—and while doing so threatens to use some type of deadly weapon—for example, a gun, knife, or something that would cause injury under Virginia law.

Because of their violent nature, robbery charges are taken very seriously by both the courts and the public. As a result, a robbery conviction can significantly impact the rest of your life, making it in the best interest of those accused to do everything they can to protect themselves. If you are facing robbery charges, it is important you consult with an Alexandria robbery lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected and a strong defense is built. To learn more or discuss the first steps you should take, consult with an experienced theft attorney in Alexandria today.

Elements of the Crime

The elements of the crime of robbery in Alexandria are that someone committed a theft, meaning they took something from somebody without permission—either goods or money. That could be an item, a commodity, or money, which is the actual amount whether it is paper, cash, or money in some other form—including checks. That is one component of what a robbery is.

The second part is that there must be some type of violent aspect to the crime. Acts that are violent in nature that can qualify as the violent aspect of a robbery charge include:

  • Hitting, beating, or inducing a bodily injury to the victim
  • Assault, which is knowingly putting the victim in fear of bodily hard
  • Theft while simultaneously threatening use of a deadly weapon

The essential elements of robbery are not only the act of theft itself but also the element of violence, of which a robbery attorney in Alexandria will work to disprove.


The consequences of robbery in Alexandria, as in the rest of Virginia, come down to prison time and large fines. The sentencing guidelines in Virginia determine the actual amount of time that someone will spend in prison and they are extremely harsh when it comes to defining the sentencing guidelines for the attempt of, or completed robbery.

Under Virginia code, the penalty for a robbery conviction is a minimum of five years in prison and a maximum of a life sentence. Although some of that tends to be suspended, the minimum that a judge can give somebody if they are found guilty of robbery is five years in prison, which makes it imperative that an Alexandria robbery attorney is contacted as soon as possible so that they can begin building the most robust defense.

Prosecution of Robbery

For an individual to be charged with robbery in Alexandria, a prosecutor must prove that there is probable cause. The prosecutor has to prove that there is reason to believe that somebody not only took an item, good, or money from an individual, but also that there was violence associated with the taking—specifically an actual act of violence, such as hitting or some other type of physical harm or assault, which is putting somebody in fear of imminent bodily injury or threat to one’s safety.

Benefit of a Local Attorney

Retaining a locally knowledgeable Alexandria robbery attorney is essential if you are facing robbery charges in Alexandria. A local defender will have the capabilities to effectively combat each element of the robbery charge and will afford you the benefit of representation that is familiar with how the prosecutor handles robbery cases. As the attorney begins building the most robust defense possible, they will be able to more easily obtain evidence and find out exactly what is being alleged against you to best defend your rights.

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