Role of a Fairfax Carjacking Lawyer

A Fairfax carjacking lawyer plays different roles. The first is an evaluator. An attorney sits down, takes in all the facts and the circumstances surrounding what was going on, and assesses the situation as best as possible and to see what they are looking at in terms of the offense, whether it was properly charged, and whether there are any defenses to be made.

Second, they play an advisory role where they advise individuals on any penalty that would be involved in the charge and any possible consequences that would take place on their career or their life. A lot of people have security clearance with their jobs where they cannot have certain offenses on their record. Attorneys would advise an individual about possible penalties and possible consequences that they would have to suffer.

A qualified lawyer has an advisory role and an evaluator role. They are also advocates and communicators with the government on behalf of the person. They zealously advocate for them. They make sure that they gather any good pieces of evidence to be invoked on behalf of the defendant.

Experienced Attorneys

There are a lot of experienced lawyers at our firm handling crimes involving cars. The firm has plenty of qualified attorneys throughout Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. and all the different counties. Having an attorney who has experience in carjacking cases is important because they will know prosecutors, judges, and how the process works.

When to Contact a Fairfax Carjacking Lawyer

A person should contact a lawyer right away if they are experiencing an issue with carjacking. As soon as the person gets arrested, they should contact a criminal lawyer. A lot of times they are held in custody, so the first thing a lawyer would do is to try to file a bond motion to get this person out on bail. So, the soonest they can do that the fastest that they would not be sitting for a while with no representation.

Time-Sensitive Evidence

Another reason why a person should hire a lawyer right away is for purposes of time-sensitive evidence that need to be preserved, like contacting witnesses to see what happened and preserving video surveillance. Video surveillance can have a very short time frame. For this reason, a person should contact a lawyer right away. Also, there is an arraignment for these types of charges and it would be best for somebody charged with that to hire a lawyer so they can note their appearance on behalf of the individual.


Arraignment is a good opportunity for defense attorneys to test the waters with the prosecutors to see how seriously the prosecutor is taking the case and what kind of evidence there is against the individual. It is a nice way for defense attorneys to get discovery on the case ahead of time. Discovery in Virginia is due seven days ahead of trial, so there is a big window for defense attorneys to take action. Getting some information about the case ahead of time as quickly as possible is always good. The role of a Fairfax carjacking lawyer is to help an individual in time for optimal results.

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