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A Virginia solicitation lawyer can provide representation to anyone accused of offering money for sex acts.  Call a defense attorney as soon as possible when accusations are made or charges are filed.  You have legal rights and your solicitation lawyer in Virginia will help you to make informed choices as your case moves through the criminal justice system.

How a Virginia Solicitation Lawyer Can Help

solicitation lawyer in VirginiaA prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant offered items of value, such as money, for sexual acts.  There are many different defenses a Virginia solicitation lawyer can help to explore if you have been accused of committing this crime including:

  • Lack of intent. To be convicted, a defendant must have meant to offer money specifically for sex acts. Calling an escort is not proof of intent to pay for sex.
  • Police sting operations are common in prostitution and solicitation cases. If a law enforcement offer enticed you to commit a crime, this is a defense to charges.
  • Insufficient proof. The jury should find a defendant not guilty unless a prosecutor proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he or she engaged in solicitation.
  • Illegal search. No evidence obtained in violation of Fourth Amendment rights should be used to secure conviction for prostitution or solicitation

Your Virginia solicitation lawyer can sometimes help get evidence suppressed and charges dropped before a case even goes to trial. If your case goes to court, your attorney will be there to make arguments and present evidence on your behalf with the goal of a not guilty verdict.  Pretrial deferred sentencing may be an option to avoid conviction in prostitution cases, or your solicitation lawyer in Virginia may be able to help negotiate a plea deal.

Every case is different, so the steps your lawyer will take on your behalf are going to vary depending upon the evidence against you, as well as your choices for how charges should be handled.  The goal is always to try to protect your reputation and freedom and get the most favorable outcome you can given the circumstances.

Solicitation Laws in Virginia

Virginia Code Section 18.2-346 makes solicitation and prostitution both Class 1 misdemeanors. Potential penalties include a maximum of one year in jail as well as a $2,500 fine. The definition of solicitation does not require sex to happen; it only requires an offer of something for sex acts.

There are other related offenses a defendant could be charged with as well.  Code Section 18.2-348 prohibits a defendant from aiding prostitution and can apply to someone who arranges an interaction between a prostitute and a friend.  Code Section 18.2-347 prohibits visiting a “bawdy” place where prostitution is going on, and Code Section 18.2-349 makes it an offense to use a car while soliciting prostitution or furthering a prostitution offense.

A prosecutor could charge a defendant with multiple offenses for the same act of prostitution; such as visiting a bawdy place and soliciting a prostitute. A Virginia solicitation lawyer will fight to get charges dropped, or to try to secure a not guilty verdict on all charges.

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While most first time offenders do not go to jail, conviction for solicitation can be embarrassing and expensive.  Let a Virginia solicitation lawyer put his legal experience to work to try to help avoid conviction. Call today to learn more.

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