Mecklenburg Speed Traps

A speed trap is an area where speed limits change suddenly through by a sudden drop in speed or by frequent change in a short distance of speed limits. Such locations tend to be patrolled. A person could be driving five miles over the limit and suddenly, a reduction in the speed limit causes them to be traveling ten or 20 miles over the limit. Individuals caught in Mecklenburg speed traps are recommended to reach out to a knowledgeable traffic attorney for legal advice.

Different Types of Speed Traps

A trap could be an area known for to be patrolled by law enforcement regularly. Police officers may frequent wide open areas that have low traffic. Since such road conditions may invite drivers to travel a little faster, the police could be waiting for them to do so. Frequently-changing speeds could be potential traps in Mecklenburg. A cynical point of view might say that the only possible beneficial purpose of speed traps is to extract revenue from citizens. This type of backdoor tax might easily be avoided by consistently maintaining a speed that is within a given limit.

Examples of Heavily Patrolled Locations in Mecklenburg

Authorities may set up traps in areas where the speed limit changes from 60 to 55. Such a location could include  Highway 58 where it intersects with US Highway 1. Individuals may get used to driving at a 60-mile-per-hour speed zone, might not notice the change, and get pulled over after that area for driving higher than the speed limit that changed. The location where the interstate intersects with South Hill also has potential traps. Drivers get off the interstate and the speed limit is 40 miles per hour. Shortly after that, it is 45 and then it is 55. The changing speed limit areas where the interstate interchange yield potential speeding tickets. Officers in Mecklenburg patrol a wide area of the highways. Many of the areas that they patrol could be described as a speed trap by regular drivers.

When to Slow Down After Spotting a Speed Sign

Drivers are required to travel at the speed limit when it changes. If a person sees that the limit has changed and it takes a mile to slow down, they run the risk of being pulled over and receiving a reckless driving charge by a police officer. A person should also slow down the moment prior to passing the sign. A Mecklenburg attorney experienced with cases involving speed traps could help a person build a defense against road violation charges.

Defending Against Speed Trap Tickets

Since it is simply a change in the speed limit, speed traps are legal in Mecklenburg. It is the responsibility of the driver to maintain an appropriate speed and be aware of changes in the speed limit at all times. Being caught in a trap or the fact that an area is a well-known speed trap is typically not a sufficient defense against a person’s reckless driving or speeding charge. The court expects drivers to maintain awareness of the speed limits at all times. No matter what traffic citation a person has received, they are recommended to call a Mecklenburg attorney to learn their options.

Speak to an Attorney about Mecklenburg Speed Traps

There are a number of areas in Mecklenburg that could be described as speed traps. These areas are patrolled regularly and driving through them may lead to a speeding or even a reckless driving charge. Drivers are advised to pay attention to speed limit signs so that they do not find themselves with an unexpected traffic citation. Learn more about Mecklenburg speed traps by calling a lawyer today.

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