Fredericksburg DUI Stops

The biggest mistakes to avoid in Fredericksburg DUI stops is admitting that one has had any alcohol to drink whatsoever or doing any of the field sobriety tests unless they absolutely have had nothing to drink in the past two days and they also are definitely not under the influence of any drug, whether it is prescribed or not. Otherwise, then it is safe to blow into the preliminary breath test at the scene.

It is not recommended that somebody does any of the field sobriety tests or the preliminary breath test, or makes any statement whatsoever about where they were going, what they were doing or whether or not they have had anything to drink. The driver can ask to speak to a skilled DUI lawyer at any time during the DUI stop as soon as possible.

DUI Stop Commonly Asked Questions

The kinds of questions the officer will generally ask depend on whether the individual is being stopped for a traffic infraction or whether they are being stopped for specifically Fredericksburg DUI stops. Questions that an individual can expect to hear include:

  • Have you had anything to drink tonight?
  • How much have you had to drink?
  • When did you have something to drink?
  • Where are you going?

An officer may have assumed that the individual had something to drink and is trying to get the individual to admit it. The officer will try to ask the individual these questions or to trick the individual and give them a reason to be able to arrest the individual for stops for driving under the influence or to pull the individual out of the vehicle to conduct further investigation.

Driving Behaviors that May Elicit Officer Attention

Fredericksburg officers look for any sign of impairment in a driver before pulling them over for a possible DUI. More specifically, they have to find any stop of a vehicle to reasonable articulable suspicion that the person is committing a traffic offense or some other type of criminal offenses, but traffic offenses are the most common.

law enforcement usually bases their Fredericksburg DUI stops on something infraction-related offense such as a broken taillight, incorrect registration, whether the driver changed lanes without using their turn signals, or failing to stop at a red light. All of these are reasons that individuals are often pulled over and then they might subsequently be charged with a DUI based on the officer’s observation.

The reason that this happens is because officers might see somebody who is driving and something jerks their car to the right a little bit or something they think, based on their experience, might be DUI. That is not going to be enough to stop a vehicle so they will tie the stop to something that is enough to stop a vehicle – some action that would be reasonable, articulable suspicion that some type of traffic infraction or criminal offense occurred.

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