Fairfax Theft Penalties 

There are different kinds of theft offenses in Fairfax. A group of them are called larceny charges. There is also receiving stolen property, robbery charges, credit card theft, identity theft, altering, the taking of merchandise, and shoplifting. All of those are different types of theft crimes in Fairfax, but Fairfax does not call it theft. Fairfax refers to these charges as larceny, stolen property, shoplifting, and other charges. A qualified Fairfax theft lawyer can offer more guidance on the subject.

Separate Charges

Separate charges for theft include shoplifting, receiving stolen property, false pretenses, embezzlement, or credit card offenses, ID theft, unauthorized use of another person’s property, and robbery.

What are the Consequences for a Theft Conviction?

Consequences depend on which theft charge is involved. If the charge is for petty larceny, that is a Class One misdemeanor and if a person is convicted of it, the maximum penalty there would be a fine of $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail. For grand larceny, a person would be facing between one year and 20 years in prison. There is not a fine assessed in the statute but there is the jail time that ranges. It depends on what kind of theft charge it is.

In regards to misdemeanors, the highest level would be $2,500 in fines and up to 12 months in jail. Grand larceny could be between a year to 20 years in prison. Virginia theft penalties can range.

Do Prior Criminal Convictions Affect a Case?

With theft charges, the person will see that the statute references the third conviction. If there is a third conviction, then there are prior convictions. The misdemeanor penalty turns into a felony charge in that case. If a person is convicted with their third or is facing a third charge, that automatically is punished as a felony and not a misdemeanor.

A Class One misdemeanor is the highest level of a misdemeanor that a person could be found guilty of. It carries up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 in fine. Fairfax theft penalties can be very harsh.

Consequences of Felony Theft in Fairfax

For the theft charges, the statute imposes its own level of felonies and that is not less than one year and more than 20 years in prison for those charges.

Hiring a Fairfax Theft Attorney

Theft charges and penalties in Fairfax are serious and a person should make sure that they take steps to defend against them. Losing liberty is a great possibility without the proper representation.

A big element in larceny is that the person intended to permanently deprive another person of the property. Simply borrowing someone’s property, intending to return it later is not larceny, it is not theft in general. A lawyer can clear a situation like this. Intention is a factor that an attorney will explore in depth to avoid Virginia theft penalties.

A theft lawyer will take a look at all the elements of their charge and they make sure whether there is enough support that the government can prove their case in that instance. Later on, they try to prepare what is called mitigating evidence to make sure that even if the government can prove their case, the person would be eligible for a reduction of their charge or an amendment. Avoid Fairfax theft penalties by calling an attorney today.

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