Expert Witnesses in Fredericksburg DUI Cases

Expert witnesses in Fredericksburg DUI cases could be a crucial asset or obstacle for a defendant. A witness could be used by the accused to strengthen their defense or could be used by the prosecution to testify against the person. Individuals should speak to a well-practiced DUI attorney about the role of an expert witness in their case.

How to be Considered an Expert Witness

Under Fredericksburg or Virginia standard, almost any person may be able to meet the standard if they show a certain amount of training and experience in the area of upon which they want to give an opinion. There is a low bar for expert witnesses and individuals must qualify based on a set of circumstances, facts, experience, or training, which is laid out during a trial.

Role of an Expert Witness in the Prosecution’s DUI Case

The prosecution in Fredericksburg rarely uses expert witnesses in their DUI cases. It almost never happens outside of the nurse practitioner that draws blood or an officer who may offer expertise or an opinion on whether a person’s behavior indicates certain intoxication factors. These individuals are not allowed to give an opinion of whether the defendant was intoxicated at the time of driving. As an alternative to expert witnesses, the prosecution typically has an officer talk about their training and experience without qualifying them as an expert.

Methods an Attorney Might Use to Refute or Challenge a Prosecution’s Expert or an Officer

Depending on the case, there are various ways a Fredericksburg attorney could challenge the witness or officer’s testimony. A skilled attorney will always try to be fact sufficient when doing so. Fredericksburg attorneys might want to introduce their own expert witness in the DUI case or might want to use cross-examination as a technique to undermine some of the statements the expert or the police officers are making.

Using Expert Witness For the Defense of Drunk Driving Allegations

It is rare that an expert witness is brought in for DUI defense purposes. In certain cases, they might be brought in for specific limited circumstances. This could include talking about

  • How drugs could interact with alcohol
  • The effect of certain drugs on somebody’s behavior in contrast to alcohol when ruling out alcohol
  • The rising BAC where a person’s blood alcohol level is lower at the scene than it is later at the station

This could introduce the fact that this individual was not intoxicated to an illegal point at the time they were driving. Attorneys may use this evidence to claim that it was something that increased throughout the course of the evening.

A seasoned attorney who has worked with expert witnesses in the past could recommend certain individuals who might help strengthen the defendant’s case. If the accused person needs an expert in their specific situation, it is helpful to have an attorney who has used an expert in that field before.

Impact of a Witness at Trial

At trial, the defense expert opines on whatever the issue is that they are brought in for. The defense attorney lays a foundation of expertise asking them questions about their background, training, and experience on the specific issue. Given the circumstances of the case, this elicits testimony that may be helpful to the accused. The weight carried by expert witness testimony depends on the specific expert. The jury sees the expert as simply another witness. Since the jury is allowed to give them as much or as little credibility as they decide, the weight of their testimony typically depends on the expert and whether what they say sounds credible and whether the jury believes them.

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