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Have you been charged with robbery in the Commonwealth of Virginia? An experienced Prince William County robbery lawyer can help you in court. An attorney is here to help you in every step of the legal proceedings and will represent your side in court. Robbery charges can lead to a lengthy review of the evidence in question, including the interviewing witnesses. The Prince William County lawyers know how this can be a very difficult time for you and your loved ones. An experienced robbery lawyer is ready to provide to you the legal support you deserve in the courtroom.

Legal Definitions of Robbery

Robbery is generally defined as the attempt to deprive another of an object or money coupled with a threat of harm. Robberies are considered to be crimes against persons in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Similar to grand larceny, petty larceny, burglary, and theft, it involves the allegation that the defendant attempted to deprive another of their property. However, robberies are different from any type of theft because, in order for the prosecution to prove a robbery, it must be proven that a specific act involving force, or the threat of force, took place.

Then, the prosecution must prove that the defendant intended to deprive another person of their property. In the Virginia Code, according to Section 18.2-58, robbery includes acts such as:

  • Presenting a firearm
  • Putting another person in fear of harm
  • Threatening
  • Partial strangulation (choking)
  • Striking
  • Beating

While these all can also be considered separate crimes in the Virginia Code, when they are alleged to have taken place in order to facilitate any type of theft, these acts can also count towards a charge of robbery.

Avoiding Penalties

Since a robbery would constitute a felony, those convicted could face time in a state correctional facility. The penalty for a conviction of robbery includes imprisonment of at least five years. Robbery will also stay on a defendant’s record. These are reasons why it is important to mitigate any robbery charge to the fullest extent, with assistance from a Prince William County robbery lawyer.

Robbery Charges in Connection to Motor Vehicles

If an individual has been charged with robbery of a motor vehicle, this can also be considered a felony. This is known as “carjacking.” Carjacking is a specific subtype of robbery as defined by the Virginia Code. Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 18.2-58.1(B), a “carjacking” is the attempt to control another person’s motor vehicle by means of force or threat of force.

Legal Defenses to Charges

There are many defenses to robbery. For example, whether it is robbery or carjacking, an important element the prosecution will need to prove is that of intent. Intent can be difficult to prove, and thus can be one of the strongest defenses available. A Prince William County robbery lawyer is here to help a judge understand the defendant’s side of the story in court.

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