Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges in Fairfax

Individuals dealing with the consequences of domestic violence charges in Virginia may find themselves struggling to juggle the difficulties of dealing with the fallout that often occurs as a result. When someone is charged with a crime of domestic violence, not only will they face the stigma of these accusations, they must also deal with other penalties and potential life-changing impacts.

It is of utmost importance for someone to call a domestic violence lawyer as soon as they possibly can because so much will be happening that is out of their control that can serious effects on their lives. An experienced and capable domestic violence attorney can prove to be indispensable.

Short-Term Consequences

If someone is arrested for a domestic violence crime where a protective order is issued automatically, that person may face immediate consequences such as homelessness, being without a car, and being forced to continue paying utility bills on a place that they are not even allowed to live at for a significant period of time. Protective orders come at the expense of the charged individual’s freedom and mobility. Domestic violence accusations alone come with a certain social stigma as well which may affect relationships with loved ones or those in the community.

Long-Term Consequences

Some of the long-term consequences of a domestic violence charge in Virginia include:

  • The charge permanently being on the individual’s record
  • Losing voting rights
  • Losing the right to bear arms
  • Losing rights to federal funding
  • Jail time or prison time, depending on the severity of the charge

There are situations where a domestic violence conviction may be disadvantageous for individuals who are in the middle of engaging in a divorce or custody battle. Not only can a domestic violence charge impact someone’s personal life, it can also impact their professional life as well.

A person’s ability to find or maintain employment can also be compromised by accusations of domestic violence. A domestic violence charge may make someone ineligible for certain jobs like: teaching, nursing, and practicing medicine. If an individual is an attorney, often, they cannot pass the bar if they have been convicted of a domestic violence crime. Domestic violence charges can vastly limit an individual’s future opportunities and there are significant long-term impacts for domestic violence convictions in the state of Virginia and in the United States as a whole.

Contacting an Attorney

Dealing with the consequences and penalties of a Fairfax domestic violence charge can be an overwhelming experience. Besides the stigma that accompanies these charges, individuals may find themselves struggling to get their affairs in order. A domestic violence defense attorney is someone that can help individuals sort out these matters and take action right away. When dealing with the consequences of a domestic violence charge, being proactive is vital and a Fairfax domestic violence lawyer can be an invaluable resource. Attorneys can help individuals alleviate the pressure of abiding by strict orders from the court that have suddenly come into play and interrupted their life. 

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