What to Expect After a Fredericksburg DUI Arrest

Someone who is arrested for a DUI in Fredericksburg may or may not be let out on bond or recognizance right away. If they are not let out, they might miss work, be held away from their family, and be forced to put on a bond motion or hire an attorney to put on a bond motion.

An arrest can have an immediate impact of preventing that individual from continuing to live their daily life and potentially preventing them from going to work. After that, there is the stigma associated with a DUI arrest both for their family and their professional network.

Will a DUI Arrest Affect my Employment?

Often, employers require some type of reporting if an employee is charged with a DUI. There is also a stigma against DUI offenses because of the nature of the charge and the underlying indication of a potential drug or alcohol problem as evidenced by an arrest for DUI. This may cause many employers to reconsider the terms of somebody’s employment upon their arrest.

A person’s employer may find out about their DUI arrest in various ways, including:

  • Looking online, because all DUI arrests are public record
  • Calling the courthouse
  • Hearing from the employee themselves
  • Reading a newspaper article about the arrest

An attorney can advise their clients to check with their HR handbook regarding whether or not their employer needs to be made aware of the arrest. It is very rare that criminal defense attorneys get involved with employment disputes over arrest or employment reporting, but it is good practice for defense attorneys to advise their client to check their HR handbooks and to report if necessary.

Whether or not the individual has a reporting requirement related to their DUI arrest is going to depend on the specific job that an individual does, their Human Resources requirements, and the terms of their job agreement.

DUI Charges for Out-of-State Residents

An individual may experience difficulty in obtaining a license in another state if their license is currently suspended or revoked by the State of Virginia. Some states require a license to be free and clear from another state before a person can even apply for a new license within their new place of residence

A person visiting from out of state can also be greatly impacted if they are arrested for DUI in Virginia. A person may be bonded out for a DUI with travel conditions preventing them from leaving the state. If they do leave, the bond can be revoked and they can be held in jail without bond until their trial. An experienced DUI lawyer could explain how a charge may affect an out-of-state resident.

Role of an Attorney

If you have been charged with a DUI, you likely do not want to have a conviction on your record or your case to affect your employment Settling cases as quickly as possible is important for the client to avoid negative impacts professionally.

An experienced attorney could meet with you and explain what to expect following a DUI arrest in Fredericksburg, including what steps you may be able to take to mitigate the long-term harms.

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