Traveling With Ammunition in Fairfax

The right to bear arms is a legacy that the Founding Fathers left behind. Firearms allow individuals to protect themselves, and those they hold dearest. A gun without ammunition, however, is not particularly useful. While possession of a firearm is legally protected, there are certain regulations regarding traveling with ammunition in Fairfax County. Making sure that you are aware of those rules is one way of protecting yourself but, if you have questions or face ammunition related charges, please reach out to a qualified Fairfax gun attorney, as your next step.

Sale and Purchase of Ammunition

There are no age requirements under Virginia law for the purchase of ammunition. Virginia law specifically does not address age requirements for the purchase of ammunition. In Fairfax County, there is no law against the sale of firearms to minors. However, federal law governs so no retailer will sell ammunition to minors.  Federal law requires one to be 21 years old for handgun ammunition and 18 for rifle or shotgun ammunition.

If an individual is not able to possess firearms, they are not able to possess ammunition. For example, if an individual is a convicted felon, they are not going to be able to possess the ammunition. Additionally, the movement of the ammunition is limited in the laws about transporting ammunition, but there is not going to be ammunition-related restrictions for the purposes of legal firearms. There is no legal certification requirement to possess a firearm or ammo.

Unlawful Traveling

Any time that an individual is in any type of vehicle, moving from one place to another, that would be traveling. This definition applies within Virginia’s borders and outside of Virginia’s borders, Traveling with ammunition in Fairfax does not carry its own distinct statute. Unlawful traveling falls under the same statute as possession or transportation of ammunition.  It depends on what the circumstances are and who the person is as an individual. If the individual is prohibited from possession or from the use of ammunition and they are traveling with it, it is going to be a problem.

Penalties of Unlawful Travel

The severity of the penalties depends because traveling with unlawful ammunition is going to be under the same statute as possessing it. If a person is charged with unlawfully transporting ammunition, it would fall under the same statute as illegally transporting a firearm. The severity of the penalties will depend more on who was transporting the ammunition, what kind of ammunition they were transporting, and their reasons for doing so. If someone has been previously convicted of a violent felony and they are caught transporting a certain type of ammunition or firearm, they will face a serious charge. If an individual is a felon or has been civilly committed there are things that they cannot do, including possession and transportation of ammunition and firearms.

Legal Transportation of Ammunition in Fairfax County

There is no prohibition. An individual does not have to have a permit and as such Fairfax does not issue permits for traveling with ammunition. There is nothing that a person would have to do to travel with their ammunition. Individuals must have their ammunition secured in their vehicle while traveling and must follow the protocol that they would follow when transporting a firearm. Besides that, here is nothing an individual has to do specifically to be okay to travel with ammunition.

Individuals also do not require firearm registration and they do not require a permit to carry their ammunition. Traveling with ammunition in Fairfax is fine, as long as the individual is not a felon or prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition. However, if an individual wants to travel with ammunition and the way that they want to travel with it is loading it into a rifle or shotgun, it is going to be a problem because there is a specific statute that regulates that.

Importance of a Lawyer

The specific statutes regarding traveling with ammunition in Fairfax can be confusing. If you have questions about traveling with ammunition do not hesitate to get in contact with an attorney. A dedicated lawyer will not only be able to answer your questions, they can also help you protect your rights.

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