Role of a Chantilly Robbery Attorney

Robbery is a criminal offense that involves intentionally trying to deprive someone of their property. If you have been charged with a robbery offense it is imperative that you get in contact with an experienced legal advocate. The role of a Chantilly robbery attorney is to devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you. Speak with a capable lawyer that could fight for you.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

Under no circumstances might a person not hire a lawyer. They are facing life in prison. They either hire a lawyer or, if they qualify, they get one appointed to them. There is no other option because even a bad lawyer is better than an individual trying to represent themselves on a robbery charge. Whether lawyers handle any of the investigation themselves or have it done by outside investigators depends on the situation. Some lawyers do some of the investigation themselves. It is more expensive if lawyers do it. Investigators within their firm are the people that are hired to take care of this.

Qualities to Look for in a Legal Advocate

Someone facing robbery charges in Chantilly should look for a robbery lawyer that is going to be impressive and persuasive. They need somebody that is going to fight for them and convince not a judge or a jury but also the Commonwealth. If it is a situation where the evidence is overwhelming against the person, they may need an attorney that could negotiate a deal on their behalf. An individual needs someone who is persuasive and could leverage potential relationships with the prosecution and the courts in order to achieve a favorable outcome.

First Steps a Lawyer May Take in a Robbery Case

One of the first things a lawyer may do when taking on a robbery case is getting a bond motion for the person because most likely they are locked up and have not been given bond. Then, the attorney may contact the person’s family with their permission, find out all about the person, and sit down with the person in a jail cell or other empty room at the jail and ask all sorts of questions about the person’s life.

The role of a Chantilly robbery attorney involves looking for mitigating circumstances in a person’s life that could help them receive a better outcome. Those things are ties to the community, how long the person has lived in the area, do they own a house, do they have a job, how long have they worked there, who is their immediate family, where do they live, do they live in the area, are they a member of a church or some other type of community organization, do they volunteer, and have they ever been in trouble before. All those questions are going to go towards the bond determination for the person’s bond motion. Researching and identifying these mitigating factors are going to be the first item on the agenda for the attorney because they need to try to their best to get the person out so that they do not have to spend months waiting on this trial in jail.

Working with a Chantilly Robbery Defense Attorney

The role of a Chantilly robbery attorney involves trying to figure out how a robbery offense could impact a person’s life. Another aspect of that role involves helping to minimize the impact of a robbery offense, especially if the evidence is strong against the person. A lawyer could look for creative solutions as far as plea deals or changing the charge to a different charge. If someone has been charged with a robbery offense, they should work with a skilled attorney that could fight for them.

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