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Facing criminal charges of any sort, whether for something like drug possession, assault and battery, or something else, is a stressful experience. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to best handle the situation. A Vienna criminal lawyer could help you decide how to proceed.

Whether you would like to fight the charges against you or prefer to work out a plea agreement, a seasoned defense attorney could work to obtain the best possible outcome for you. With a lawyer on your side, you will not have to face the charges alone. En Español.

What a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do for You

There are many ways in which a Vienna criminal attorney could help a person facing criminal charges of any kind. An attorney could explain the charges against a person and outline the possible penalties a person could face if determined to be guilty.

A criminal attorney could also answer questions about how the legal system works, develop a legal strategy for defending a person against the charges, protect an individual’s due process rights, and fight for an optimal outcome in the case.

Typical Types of Criminal Charges

There is a wide range of offenses that could result in criminal charges being brought against a person in Vienna. The different types of crimes and offenses in Vienna are described in Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia and include:

  • Inchoate offenses — conspiracy, attempted offenses
  • Crimes against persons — robbery, assault, and battery
  • Property crimes — burglary, larceny, and arson
  • Fraud-based crimes — forgery, issuing bad checks
  • Offenses against health and safety — drug offenses and DUIs
  • Offenses against morals and decency — prostitution, illegal gambling
  • Offenses against peace and order — disorderly conduct
  • Offenses against the administration of justice — bribery, perjury

The offenses listed above represent just a few examples of the types of offenses for which a person can face criminal charges in Vienna. An attorney for criminal offenses could review the specific charges an individual is facing and answer questions regarding those charges.

Penalties for Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses

Criminal offenses in Vienna are categorized as misdemeanors or felonies. There are several different classes of offenses within each category. There are four classes of misdemeanor offenses and six classes of felony offenses, with class one offenses being the most serious in each of the two categories.

The penalties for misdemeanor offenses range from a small fine for class four misdemeanors to a term of imprisonment of up to 12 months and a fine for class one misdemeanors. The penalties for felony offenses range from a term of imprisonment of one to five years and a fine for class six felonies to life in prison for class one felonies.

A criminal lawyer in Vienna could provide more specific details regarding the possible penalties associated with the exact charges a person is facing.

How a Vienna Criminal Defense Lawyer Could Help

Being charged with a criminal offense is a tough situation to be in that is made more difficult when trying to handle it on your own. There is no need to navigate the situation alone when a lawyer familiar with criminal law could provide assistance in so many different ways.

Allow a criminal lawyer to take your side and work on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome for you. A lawyer could advocate for you by defending you against the charges while protecting your legal rights. Call a Vienna criminal lawyer about your case today.

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