Mecklenburg County DUI Arraignments

When a person is charged with a DUI, they may benefit significantly from understanding the purpose of certain court proceedings such as Mecklenburg County DUI arraignments. This may help inform an accused person on how to better present their defense in court. A knowledgeable DUI attorney could review the factors surrounding a person’s case and help explain how an arrangement could impact them legally. If you or a family member were charged with a DUI, call and schedule an appointment with a skilled lawyer to start discussing your potential legal options.

Initial Court Appearance

A Mecklenburg County DUI arraignment is an important part of a person’s case. This proceeding is typically an accused person’s first court appearance and may take place within a few days of the arrest. The parties in attendance usually include the accused, the prosecutor, and the judge. If a person has already retained an attorney, their legal counsel will be present as well. During this time, the individual will generally be:

  • Advised of their charges by a judge
  • Given the opportunity to hire an attorney to represent them
  • Given a trial date
  • Notified of their rights

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a person may be allowed to post bond. The amount of the bail often corresponds with the factors surrounding the case and whether an individual has a history of criminal activity. Furthermore, a judge may decide to withhold someone convicted of prior DUI offenses or a person with a history of failing to appear in court. However, a lawyer who is well-versed in DUI cases and Mecklenburg County DUI arraignments could advocate for a person’s release.

Role of the Judge

The judge presiding over the initial appearance typically will advise the accused of the nature of the charges against them and their rights related to hiring an attorney to defend them against that charge. They will also inform the accused of the next court date and they will make a bond determination if that is applicable to the case.

Additionally and in some cases, the judge from the arraignment is different from the judge who presides over the remainder of the case. This determination is often dependent on the judge’s schedule.

An Attorney’s Role During Arraignment

During an arraignment, the accused’s legal counsel typically is expected to:

  • To make sure that the individual is properly arraigned
  • To inform the court of the conditions that would support a bond if the individual is being held without bond prior to arraignment
  • To advocate on behalf of a fair bond for the accused

Contact an Attorney About DUI Arraignments in Mecklenburg County

A DUI conviction could lead to severe legal consequences and the creation of a public criminal record. Someone facing such charges should immediately consult an experienced DUI lawyer. They could review the charges and help explain what occurs during Mecklenburg County DUI arraignments. Beyond jail time and fines, a person convicted of a DUI could also experience a more difficult time obtaining gainful employment, as many employers prefer candidates without criminal records. Call and schedule a legal consultation with a diligent attorney to get started on your case today.

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