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Robbery is the taking of property by force or the threat of force and may include a mugging, an armed robbery, or a similar crime. The force element is what makes robbery different from other forms of theft, and what makes the penalties for robbery so severe. If you have been charged with robbery, you may be facing life imprisonment. Contact an experienced Mecklenburg County robbery lawyer today to protect your rights through the criminal justice process. A dedicated theft attorney could work to build an effective defense to your charges and preserve your freedom.

Robbery vs. Theft

Robbery and theft differ in that robbery requires the use of force and theft requires only a physical taking. Because of the use or threat of force, robbery is considered to be far more serious. When force is threatened or applied in the context of taking property from somebody and putting them in serious fear, the associated penalties are significantly more severe.

Robbery charges may be negotiated down to a theft charge, depending on the specific facts of a case. Evidence that may be somewhat weak that might make a prosecutor more likely to negotiate it down to a lesser charge, and an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate with prosecutors to downgrade robbery charges and avoid the higher potential penalties.

Benefits of an Experienced Attorney

A person should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as they think they might be charged with a robbery or a similar offense. The earlier they contact an attorney, the more information the attorney could gather in preparation for their defense. Defendants should look for an experienced attorney whom they can trust and speak with openly.

There are several things an experienced attorney could do to gain an advantage when defending serious charges such as robbery. A defense lawyer could litigate pretrial motions to make sure the accused’s constitutional rights are protected. They could also conduct a thorough investigation of relevant evidence ahead of trial so that they can point out the flaws in a prosecution’s evidence when the case goes to trial.

Scheduling a consultation with a Mecklenburg County robbery lawyer may be the best first step to avoiding serious criminal penalties. When contacting a lawyer about a robbery charge, a person should have specific information related to the charge, including when and where it was alleged to have happened. They should also bring the copy of the arrest warrant served on them when they were charged, as much information as possible about where they were at the time of the robbery, and any information related to the charges or events leading up to them.

Hiring an Experienced Mecklenburg County Robbery Attorney

If you are facing charges, you need experienced, local legal representation. A local criminal lawyer will be familiar with local law enforcement, the local prosecutors, local judges, and how a local jury might rule on a case, so it is important that someone charged with robbery hire somebody who can leverage that experience to their advantage. Contact a Mecklenburg County robbery lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

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