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A sexual offense is generally any offense that involves acts of a sexual nature that are not legal. There are many different sex crimes that a person can be charged within Falls Church. Some examples could be sex crimes like rape, including statutory rape, spousal rape, any kind of sexual assault and battery cases, solicitation of prostitution or prostitution itself, and then any crimes involving the transfer of photographs or material of sexual nature illegally.

These offenses generally carry very serious penalties and can carry a social stigma that makes these types of crimes especially tough to face. Due to these factors, it is imperative to contact a Falls Church sex crimes lawyer as soon as you learn that you are being investigated or have been arrested for a sex offense, as an experienced defense attorney in Falls Church can ensure your legal rights are protected and a strong defense is built.

Facing a Sex Crimes Offense

There are many intimidating things about facing sex crime charges. First and foremost is the huge social stigma that comes along with being accused of a sex crime. Sex crimes are typically looked down upon by the general population, and someone charged with a sex crime could face a backlash from their friends, family, and employers just from the fact that they have been charged with a sex crime.

Additionally, there is always the possibility that if convicted, a person will have to register as a sex offender. Being a registered sex offender comes with many problems, including that every time a person moves they must notify the authorities. Additionally, when choosing where to live, certain areas may be prohibited by virtue of the fact that you are on the sex offender registry.

Finally, the charges themselves are very sensitive in nature, and the potential information that might come out at trial or that might come out through the course of the investigation is very intimate and very private, which could be extremely embarrassing for someone charged with a sex crime.

Common Sex Crimes

Common sex crimes in Falls Church are aggravated sexual battery where there is a special relationship between the aggressor and the victim. For example, if it is a child or somebody under the defendant’s care at the time of the alleged sexual battery and a weapon is involved or some other type of aggravating factor.

Another common sex crime in Falls Church is rape, which is a felony sex crime and includes various types of rape under the Virginia code.

Degrees of Sexual Offense

The various degrees of sex crimes depend on the nature and actions involving the crimes. There are misdemeanor and felony sex crimes.

For example, sexual battery is a misdemeanor in Virginia, which is any kind of sexual abuse against somebody. Whereas it could be more serious if a person is accused of aggravated sexual battery. Aggravated sexual battery is charged if there is a special relationship between the accused and the supposed victim if there is a weapon or serious injury, or it occurred in the process of the commission of another felony.

Felony sexual batteries are punished in a much harsher way and considered a different degree of sex crimes than sexual battery thereby making it imperative a Falls Church sex crimes attorney is contacted.

Unique Aspects of a Sex Crime Charge

The investigation of sex crime cases is different from other cases because there’s a pretty lengthy investigation process, and a lot of evidence to consider. Typically, much of a sex-crimes case is based on the victim’s statements in addition to any physical or DNA evidence collected. There is probably not going to be very many, if any, third party witnesses, so a lot is going to depend on the credibility of the person accusing the defendant.

Some of the aspects of facing sex crimes that are different from other offenses are, first and foremost, the nature of the sex crime. Usually, there is not going to be a lot of witnesses, so a lot is going to depend on the physical factual evidence—for example, anything from a rape kit, examinations done by doctors, and additionally the testimony of the victim and anybody that the victim reached out to as well as evidence showing the victim was of a young enough age. Certainly, in cases where the victim is a young child, for example, whoever they spoke with will probably play a huge part in the prosecution and in proving the case.

Importance of a Lawyer

Considering the sensitive nature of these types of allegations, it is important to work with an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Falls Church because they will be able to help you during both the investigation process to keep the investigation as quiet and as limited as possible, so that your friends, family, and employers do not find out about it. Also, during the court process and all the events that happen after you are charged to go to court, an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Falls Church will know exactly what motions to file and what defenses are likely to be made, and also they will be able to make sure that your rights and your privacy are not violated during the process.

A Falls Church sex crime lawyer can help because they will focus on dismantling the prosecution of the case. They will look for the flaws and weak parts in the testimony or evidence presented by witnesses. They will be able to pick apart the medical evidence and look for problems, flaws, and inconsistencies and point those out to the judge, the prosecutor, and to the jury.

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