Role of a Fairfax Shoplifting Lawyer

Being accused of the illegal taking of a good from a business is a serious offense. Shoplifting crime convictions often require a case for burden of proving intention to steal and deprive the business of a potential sale. The important role of a Fairfax shoplifting lawyer includes having a strong advocate for your future. An experienced shoplifting attorney can help you build a defense to present in court.

Why Is it Important to Consult an Attorney?

The common role of a Fairfax shoplifting lawyer is to help an accused person avoid self-incrimination. Often people make admissions of guilt that they do not even know they are making.

A lot of times, people accidentally make admissions and not even know it. Having an attorney who can try preventing police officer questions prior to trial can be beneficial for someones case. A lawyer has an understanding of the law that allows them the ability to bring defenses to try fighting the possibility of a conviction. 

Role of a Fairfax Shoplifting Lawyer During an Arraignment

The purpose of the arraignment is for the judge to tell an individual what they are charged with and determine if the individual has proper representation. The role of a Fairfax shoplifting lawyer in someone’s arraignment is not considered significant. For this type of case, when somebody is arraigned, the attorney is can either waive the arraignment or stand beside the individual to hear the next court date.

Classifying Shoplifting Penalties

Penalties associated with a misdemeanor shoplifting offense can lead to up to 12 months in jail or up to a $2,500 fine. If the person does not have a criminal record, the prosecutor might potentially allow the individual to do a first offender’s program. It is part of the role of a Fairfax shoplifting lawyer to have an understanding of how potential criminal history may impact their current charge.

How Can an Individual Help Their Defense?

Although, the role of a lawyer is important, there are actions the charged person can take that can positively impact their case. An individual can be offered the discretion of the Commonwealth if they:

  • Do not commit another criminal offense
  • Attend their probation
  • Complete their assigned hours of community service
  • Attend a stop shoplifting course given by the local jurisdiction

Depending on the person’s record, the severity of the crime, and aggravating factors, the person will have a recommended sentence.

When Someone Should Contact An Attorney

A person should contact a Fairfax shoplifting attorney as soon as they possibly can. Some people call while they are sitting with police officers. Whenever an individual has the opportunity to talk to a criminal defense attorney, they should not make any statements to anybody else. 

The role of a Fairfax shoplifting lawyer is to listen to the individual accused of stealing from a business. An attorney’s job is to advise the individual on beneficial defenses while taking the opportunities to speak on their behalf. If you have been charged with a shoplifting charge, contact an attorney immediately to begin discussing a strong course of action.

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