Plea Deals in a Mecklenburg DUI Case

A conviction for any criminal offense could significantly impact a person’s livelihood. Many employers, universities, and government benefit plans often favor clean records. As a result, a person who is accused of committing a DUI should speak with a knowledgeable attorney. In some instances, a prosecutor may offer an accused individual a plea deal. However, some deals may have complicated terms. When considering plea deals in a Mecklenburg DUI case, a person should retain legal counsel. Contact a seasoned DUI lawyer and arrange for a legal consultation.

Understanding the Basics of a Plea Deal

A guilty plea is an admission of guilt. However, it is not a moral or ethical statement by the accused. Instead, it is a legal admission that concedes that the individual is legally and factually guilty of the conduct for which they are accused. An admission of guilt typically will result in a conviction. However, a person may be able to argue mitigating factors occurred and this could substantially impact legal consequences associated with the conviction. Someone considering plea deals in a Mecklenburg DUI case should consult with a skilled attorney before making any decisions.

Circumstances When a Person May Consider a Plea Deal

A person should not plead guilty to any charge, especially a DUI charge, without having first consulted with their attorney. Depending on the specific circumstances of the case, their attorney might advise them to consider pleading guilty, but a person should not enter such a plea on their own. If a person enters a guilty plea or into a plea deal without consulting a lawyer, they may learn about important factors they disagree with later. Rescinding a guilty plea could be substantially more difficult when an admission of guilt has been previously entered.

Pleading Not Guilty

Pleading not guilty is not a denial of conduct. Pleading not guilty typically means that an individual:

  • Wants to see the evidence against them
  • Wants the prosecution to attempt to prove the case against them beyond a reasonable doubt before a fact-finder such as a judge or a jury

Pleading not guilty is an appropriate stance for an accused individual. It simply means the individual wants the case to be proven against them before being found guilty.

Pleading No Contest or Nolo Contendere

When a person pleads no contest or nolo contendere, they are not admitting guilt. Instead, this plea means that the individual does not need the prosecution to prove the case before the judge.

Learn About Plea Deals in a Mecklenburg DUI Case With a Dedicated Attorney

If you were arrested and charged with a DUI, a prosecutor may offer you a plea deal. Before accepting plea deals in a Mecklenburg DUI case, an accused individual should speak with an experienced attorney. In many cases, a person could believe a deal would benefit them, but a lawyer may understand the terms of the offer more thoroughly. In other words, the offer from the prosecutor may not be as beneficial as a person initially believes. Call and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal options.

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