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Reckless driving is often charged after a collision when a law enforcement officer responding to the accident determines that a driver was criminally negligent or reckless. In a single-car accident, the driver may be charged with reckless driving for failing to maintain control of their vehicle.

Reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor, which is a criminal offense. Unlike most other traffic violations, reckless driving is not a ticket, and it requires more care and attention than a simple speeding penalty. If you are facing criminal charges after an automobile accident, you may wish to retain an Arlington reckless driving by accident lawyer.

How is Reckless Driving by Accident Charged?

Reckless driving by accident is usually charged as a failure to maintain control of one’s vehicle. It is not automatically added to every accident the police investigate, but it is commonly charged in accident cases involving wanton negligence or erratic driving.

Reckless driving by accident is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor, which is a criminal offense, as is every type of reckless driving. In many cases, reckless driving after an accident is prosecuted more vigorously because of the potential for serious injury and property damage.

Consequences for Commercial Drivers

A reckless driving conviction could result in the loss of one’s ability to maintain their commercial driver’s license. Anyone who depends on a CDL for their livelihood should contact an attorney if they are facing a reckless driving charge. A lawyer could work toward the best outcome possible and maintain the defendant’s ability to continue to earn a living.

Criminal Justice Process for Reckless Driving

Civil accident cases could take two years to reach court and may involve testimony from expert witnesses. In a criminal case, on the other hand, the evidence is limited to observations by the law enforcement officer and witnesses to the accident, including the driver who is charged.

A criminal defense attorney could play a crucial role in mitigating the consequences of a reckless driving charge. An attorney may first interview the defendant driver to collect information about the accident. An attorney could also speak with the law enforcement officer before trial to obtain information or gather statements from other witnesses to the crash. The attorney could also examine the relevant law to prepare the legal arguments to present at trial that might lead to a dismissal or an acquittal.

A common mistake is to assume that a reckless driving charge can be dealt with the same way as any other moving violation. That is not the case. While a layperson may be able to handle a speeding ticket on their own in court, reckless driving is a much more serious offense.

Hiring a Reckless Driving by Accident Attorney May Be Your Best Choice

As soon as possible, an individual charged with reckless driving after an accident should hire an attorney, so they have adequate time to prepare for the case. Physical evidence and eyewitness memory will begin to deteriorate in the days and weeks after an accident, so beginning a defense investigation promptly could be crucial. Call an Arlington reckless driving by accident lawyer today.

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