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Below are questions regarding criminal cases in Arlington, Virginia including what courthouse cases are heard in and what charges are taken most seriously. For more information contact an Arlington criminal attorney today.

Criminal Courts in Arlington County, Virginia

If they’re charged in Arlington County and their case is handled in state court, the case will most certainly be heard in the courthouse at 1425 North Courthouse Road in Arlington County. It’s right off the Orange line at the Courthouse Metro stop. As far as once you’re here in court, there are various floors in the courthouse in which you will have your case heard.

The general district court is on the third floor, so if you are charged with a criminal offense or a traffic offense and you’re not a juvenile and it’s not a domestic relations case, your first stop will be to the third floor of the Arlington County Courthouse.

On the tenth floor is the circuit court and the circuit court handles all misdemeanor appeals and the trials and dispositions of all felonies, so you could end up there. And the 4th floor handles all Juvenile and Domestic Relations cases.

But if you are charged in Arlington you will first be coming to the courthouse at 1425 North Courthouse Road.

Traffic Court in Arlington County

All traffic matters are heard on the third floor of the courthouse. Once again, same address, 1425 North Courthouse Road. There is a traffic docket, it’s handled everyday by one or two judges and typically one prosecutor. It is separate from the criminal docket and every single traffic case originates from the third floor of that courthouse. Unless you prepay your offense, you will be coming to the third floor of Arlington General District Court in the courthouse to handle your traffic matter.

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