Fredericksburg Drug DUI Testing

There are many issues that can arise in Fredericksburg drug DUI testing cases. The tests that the officer administer are not always the most accurate. It is crucial that you are able to avoid any unnecessary penalties, which is why you should contact an accomplished lawyer today if you are facing such allegations. An attorney is going to know what to look for in order to build the defense you need.

Legal or Prescription Drugs

There are many questions involved with someone being charged with a drug-related impairment when it involves legal or prescription drugs. The answer is usually self-intoxication, voluntary intoxication, or voluntary administration of drugs, which is not a defense in a Fredericksburg drug DUI testing case. Most of the time when someone is charged with driving under the influence of prescription or legal drugs, it is related to a combination of drugs and alcohol. The offender may state they did not know that the combination was going to impair them, which will not work as a defense because the side effects are usually written on the medicine bottle.

Most of the time, self-administered drugs are not going to be a good defense for impairment. The prosecution will often bring out several experts who will attest to the probabilities of drug and alcohol interaction. Just because an individual is prescribed a drug, it does not mean they are allowed to drive while taking it.

Involuntary Intoxication

If somebody drugged another individual and that individual had no way of knowing the drug was in their system, that is a defense because a DUI has to involve a guilty act. A DUI charge requires some type of action on the individual’s part. Therefore, if a person did not take the medication knowingly,  and someone administered it to them either against their will or without their knowledge, that is an affirmative defense. The statute for a DUI requires a voluntary act on the individual’s part.

Drug Testing Procedures

After an arrest for a DUI, the police often try to take the individual’s blood for the purpose of testing it for the presence of drugs. If the officer suspects that there are drugs involved, they will try to get a warrant or will ask the individual for permission to take their blood.

An experienced defense attorney could tell the defendant if a particular judge is going to set an expensive bond on appeal. Someone arrested for a DUI should consider retaining a lawyer who could post that bond for them. If not, they can expect to spend some time in jail until the next trial.

How an Attorney Could Help

Fredericksburg DUI drug testing could involve various problems from law enforcement, which is why if you are facing DUI drug charges, you should hire a lawyer immediately. An attorney could discover problems with the testing through cross-examination. A defense lawyer could also use their knowledge and experience to effectively manage your case. Do not face DUI drug charges alone, contact a compassionate attorney right away to get discuss your case.

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