Mecklenburg County Gun Penalties

Mecklenburg County takes firearms offenses seriously. Prosecutors will often pursue harsh sentences, particularly against repeat offenders. If you are facing charges, you may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling firearms cases. A lawyer could work with prosecutors in Mecklenburg County to mitigate gun penalties and maintain your freedom. If you are facing Mecklenburg County gun penalties, reach out to a seasoned gun attorney today.

Factors Influencing Gun Penalties

The circumstances of each case determine the specifics of the Mecklenburg County gun penalties. Penalties may be altered depending on the defendant’s personal history. If an individual has more severe felony convictions in their past, they could face significantly harsher penalties for even a routine gun offense.

If a defendant has no criminal history but faces a gun charge in connection with other felony charges, they could end up at the lower end of the penalty scale. When guns are found in the commission of other felonies or are found along with drugs, that can lead to an enhancement of penalties.

Gun-Free Zones

If a person is caught with a firearm in a gun-free zone, a school zone, or other places where guns are specifically prohibited, they could face enhanced penalties beyond the ones they otherwise would face for possession.

Minimum and Maximum Firearm Penalties

The maximum penalty that a defendant may face for any gun offense in Mecklenburg County is five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. When combined with other felony charges, a defendant’s sentence may ultimately exceed five years, but the maximum sentence for a single gun charge is five years.

Gun offenses are varied, so it is difficult to list a specific minimum mandatory penalty. For instance, if someone has been convicted previously of a non-violent felony, they face the mandatory minimum sentence of two years. If they are charged with a violent felony, they face the mandatory minimum sentence of five years.

It is critical that a defendant speaks with an attorney as soon as they think they might be charged with a gun crime so that they can understand what the mandatory minimum prison time or fines will be in their specific circumstances. A dedicated criminal defense attorney could also work with prosecutors to potentially mitigate a defendant’s penalties.

Additional Consequences of a Gun Conviction

In addition to potential prison time, an individual could face fines and may be required to pay court costs if they are found guilty of gun offenses in Mecklenburg County. A convicted defendant could also be subject to supervised probation under which they would have to notify their employer of their conviction and be subject to random drug screenings.

An Attorney Could Help Those Facing Mecklenburg County Firearm Penalties

A Mecklenburg County attorney with professional experience in defending gun charges may be best equipped to represent a defendant throughout the criminal justice process. A gun attorney could investigate a defendant’s case, review the facts, prepare the best available defense for them, and review the difficult legal cases and statutes. If you are facing Mecklenburg County gun penalties, do not hesitate to contact legal counsel. Let an accomplished lawyer fight for you.

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