Radar Detectors in Mecklenburg County

Radar detectors are electronic devices used to determine whether a vehicle is within range of a police radar gun. Drivers may use radar detectors to avoid being pulled over by police for speeding.

Radar detectors in Mecklenburg County are illegal, as they are throughout the state of Virginia. If you have been ticketed or cited for using a radar detector, reach out to an experienced traffic lawyer. An attorney could help raise questions about the commonwealth’s case and work to avoid significant fines.

How Police Radar Guns Work

A police radar gun is how law enforcement measures vehicle speed on the roads and highways of Mecklenburg County. Radar guns have a camera and audio-tone system. When a vehicle enters the view of the radar, the radar measures the speed, displays the speed on the screen for the officer, and emits an audible tone. The higher the tone, the higher the targeted vehicle’s speed.

Officers use that information to determine which vehicles are traveling fastest. Based on the view on the screen, they identify the vehicle matched with its speed, which is how they determine whether any particular cars are exceeding the speed limit.

As part of their operation, radar guns emit electromagnetic waves. Radar detectors detect electromagnetic emissions from any radar gun in range and raise the alarm, notifying the driver of potential speed traps.

How Police Deal With Radar Detectors

The most important thing for drivers to know about radar detectors in Mecklenburg County is that police can detect their presence and their operation. Most police vehicles are equipped with radar detector detectors, which notify law enforcement when a radar detector is in use.

Police officers may be eager to pull drivers over if they can detect that they are using a radar detector. Not only are the detectors themselves illegal, but their use also suggests that a driver is traveling well over the speed limit. Even though many states allow radar detectors, Virginia is still serious about prosecuting cases for possession, and the responding officer will likely confiscate the device as evidence.

Traveling to Virginia

If a person is traveling to Virginia from a state where detectors are legal, it is best not to bring their radar detector. If a driver does have one when they enter Virginia, they should disconnect it from the power source, disable it, and put it in an area where it would not be convenient to access, such as their trunk.

Contacting a Lawyer After Being Found With a Radar Detector in Mecklenburg County

If someone is charged with illegally using a radar detector in Mecklenburg County, an experienced traffic lawyer could handle their case in court. Just because law enforcement found a detector in your vehicle or received an electronic indication that a detector was in use does not mean that you are criminally responsible. An experienced attorney could cross-examine the police officer’s testimony, gather vindicating evidence, and build the most robust defense possible for your case.

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