Mary Nerino’s Approach To Criminal Defense

Virginia criminal defense attorney Mary Nerino discusses her approach to criminal defense and what she thinks sets her apart from other lawyers. To discuss your case with Ms. Nerino call and schedule a free consultation today.

Dedication to Each Client

My approach to criminal cases is based on a couple key factors. First and foremost, my passion in representing each client and my dedication to each client sets me apart. My focus from the very beginning of a case is on my client, and the best possible outcome for my client. I care deeply about everybody who comes into contact with me, and I want to make sure that they are set up for the best possible result during their interactions with the criminal justice system, and that their interactions with the system will have as minimal of an impact on their lives as possible.

How Do You Ensure Your Clients Get The Best Result?

As a part of that, I do everything in my power to get a client into the best possible position from the very beginning. I often speak with clients during my off-hours, especially if it’s difficult for them to take off of work during the day, or they are caught up in other responsibilities and can’t make traditional office meetings. I’m always available to my clients, whether it’s by phone, text or email. I do that not just because I feel it’s my duty as a defense attorney, but because I know that my clients are going through something that is deeply affecting their lives, and I understand that and I empathize. So part of my service to them is to make sure that they understand that I will do everything within my power to help them with their cases.

Dedication to a Thorough Investigation

Beside my dedication and zeal, I‘d say that my thorough investigation of each client’s case sets me apart. Again, I do this because I care so deeply about achieving desirable outcomes and setting my clients up for success within the criminal justice system. I really want to know everything that I possibly can about each case. Whether that involves going out and personally looking for witnesses, or contacting a friend of a friend who may know something, I will do it. I will look for videos, speak with police officers and contact the commonwealth’s attorney as soon as one is assigned to the case. I really go deep into the facts of each case, not only to get a clearer picture of what happened, but also to seek out any potential defense that my client might have. This does take a lot of time, but I’m prepared to spend that time because I know that my clients need me to do so.

Honest and Straightforward

I think the third thing that really sets me apart is the fact I am extremely straightforward and honest with my clients. I’ve had clients who have asked me to represent them regarding some issue, and if I don’t think they need to hire an attorney, I tell them that from the beginning.

I am also extremely honest with my clients about the evidence and what’s likely to happen in court. I don’t beat around the bush when it comes to the potential outcomes, and I make sure to explain everything that could possibly happen. My clients are aware from the very beginning of the case until the end what will definitely happen and what could happen. That way, they’re able to better prepare themselves for that day in court.

How Do You Think This Compares To Other Defense Attorneys?

Some might say that this straightforwardness makes me a little unconventional compared to others in the criminal defense field because I won’t try to make your case sound worse than it is so that you’ll hire me. Instead, I’m going to tell you fairly what’s going to happen, what could happen and whether or not I think you need representation. If you do need an attorney, I’m going to tell you exactly what representation I can give you and what kinds of outcomes you’re looking at.

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