Working with a Chantilly Robbery Lawyer

Robbery offenses can have serious consequences for those convicted. Robbery can be a felony offense and convictions could result in incarceration, and difficulty maintaining gainful employment. If you have been charged with a robbery offense, you should consider working with a Chantilly robbery lawyer. An accomplished robbery attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to build a solid defense for you. Speak with an experienced legal advocate today and know that you are in capable hands.

Arrests for Robbery Offenses

Individuals are arrested on suspicion of robbery if there is a warrant and at least probable cause to believe that they committed this crime. Charges may be pending if there is a warrant out for someone. The times when that would not happen is if they are arrested for robbery, the police take them in front of a magistrate, and the magistrate says that there is no suspicion of robbery.

It is rare for police officers to see a robbery in action and not arrest them. They are doing it because they have probable cause. It is a low standard. If someone has been arrested, they need to call an attorney right away, because they are going to face robbery charges. The person might be innocent of those charges, but they do not want to say something or do something to make it look like they are guilty or to provide evidence that may be used against them in a trial later. By working with a Chantilly robbery lawyer, an individual could start working on building a solid defense.

Constitutional Issues in Robbery Cases

There are constitutional issues that come up in robbery cases. There are always constitutional issues in criminal cases, and robbery is no exception. The most problematic amendments are motions in robbery cases like the Fourth Amendment and search and seizure. That may cover the arrest process or any searches that were done. That may cover when the person was initially stopped by the police and questioning that led them to think they were a suspect.

The Fifth Amendment, due process, includes a person’s right to counsel and for interrogation purposes their right to be advised of their right to remain silent. The person’s right to counsel attaches at certain times after the case has started and the person’s appearance in front of an official. In a lot of states, it is a magistrate. There are a lot of things that may be implicated in robbery cases. A plethora of motions may be filed for potential constitutional violations in any type of felony, especially robbery. Working with a Chantilly robbery lawyer ensures that the individual’s rights will be protected.

Consulting a Chantilly Robbery Attorney

Some important things to look for in a criminal defense attorney when facing robbery charges are somebody who is zealous and who knows what they are doing. They have to have somebody who is willing to try this case and go the extra mile to do an investigation, bring any witnesses, examine the evidence, file motions to try to get evidence out and to try to contradict the evidence that may be presented. They need someone who has experience doing this, who has a good presence in front of a jury, and who is convincing. It might be a situation where a law firm looks good on paper, but the individual attorney is not the best advocate for the case. They need somebody that the jury is going to like and somebody that the jury is going to be convinced by. A person not only needs to choose a law firm that has the reputation for experience and results, but they also need to choose a lawyer who is going to be their advocate in the courtroom and fight for them in a convincing way. If an individual is interested in working with a Chantilly robbery lawyer, they should reach out to skilled attorney that could advocate for them.

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