What to Do When Being Pulled Over in Mecklenburg County

When a person sees sirens in their rearview mirror, they should immediately signal their intention to pull over using the turn signal. At their earliest safe opportunity, they should pull over to an area where there is plenty of room for traffic to move around them and where the officer would be safe during the duration of the stop.

Knowing what to do when being pulled over in Mecklenburg County is an essential part of safe driving. Not only does taking the proper steps during a traffic stop keep you and the officer safe, but it may also aid an attempt to overturn a ticket or other offense later on. For more information, consult with a dedicated traffic attorney.

Pulling Over the Car

For a traffic stop, a person should pull over at a wide spot on the shoulder. If there is no shoulder, they should pull over at the nearest area where they are able to safely leave the highway. Pulling over may necessitate pulling onto an intersecting road or entering a parking lot.

Next, the officer will likely approach the car, usually through their driver’s side window. The driver should have their license and registration available. Also, they should try to keep both hands on the wheel as the officer approaches.

When Being Pulled Over at Night

If someone is pulled over at night, they should try to pull over into a well-lighted area, which usually makes the interactions safer. Under certain circumstances, it may be a good idea to turn on inside car lights so that the officer has visibility and can be more comfortable approaching the vehicle.

Interacting With an Officer

Once someone has been pulled over, they should have their license and registration available and their hands on the steering wheel to provide documentation to the law enforcement officer. The driver should roll down their window at least to the point of being able to pass along the documentation to the officer. They do not need to roll it fully down, just enough to communicate.

It is critical to be polite to the officer. A driver does not have to answer the officer’s questions during a traffic stop, and they are within their rights to record one’s interactions with law enforcement. A driver should never consent to a search of their vehicle or their person. If the officer wants to search their vehicle or their person, they need probable cause and an arrest warrant. For more information about one’s rights and what to do when being pulled over in Mecklenburg County, contact an accomplished lawyer.

Running Registration

Under ordinary circumstances, when someone gives the officer their license and insurance registration, the officer is going to take the documentation back to their vehicle and check on their driving record. The officer will make sure that everything is valid, up to date, and not expired. Usually, the officer checks to make sure there are no outstanding warrants, as well.

That process might take a few minutes, so the driver should not be nervous if the officer is in their car for a while. They should expect the officer to return to the vehicle and ask them to sign a summons, acknowledging an understanding that they have been charged with whatever the officer is deciding to charge them with. It is unlikely that an officer would return to the vehicle and allow them to go without a citation if they found a reason to pull them over in the first place.

To ensure that your traffic stop goes smoothly, contact a dedicated attorney today about what to do when being pulled over in Mecklenburg County.

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