Impact of Underage DUI for Alexandria Students

Oftentimes, universities have their own internal policies about their students picking up DUIs while they’re attending the school. That means that if a student gets convicted of a DUI offense, the school can take its own actions or impose certain punishments, which might include suspension or expulsion from the school. This is particularly true if the DUI occurred on school grounds. Ultimately, the school often does find out about these offenses and there can be a negative impact.

The policies vary from school to school, but students who are currently in university, or parents with children in university, should understand that an Alexandria underage DUI conviction can have a very serious impact on a student’s standing at their school.

Impact on College Students Under 21

Where in Alexandria a student is arrested will have a role in whether or not their school finds out about the charge. It’s safe to assume that if a student is arrested on school grounds, the university will know about it. Most schools have their own university police that patrol the grounds, and if they run a criminal check and become aware of your conviction, school administrators can take whatever action they deem appropriate.

A student’s enrollment at the school can be terminated by either party for any reason. If they are worried about consequences from their school, they should get in touch with an underage DUI lawyer in Alexandria for advice as soon as possible.

How Colleges Handle Students’ Underage DUI Charges

The way a university handles a student’s DUI depends on the university, the student and the facts of each case. Every university has its own policy, so to give a blanket policy for every school in America is impossible. Every school handles hearing processes differently. However, someone who is unsure of how they should handle dealing with their university can always get in touch with an Alexandria underage DUI lawyer to help them through the process. A lawyer can provide much-needed information and guidance as a person navigates the potentially murky situation.

Alexandria DUI Laws for Students Under 18

Even if someone is under the age of eighteen, they can still be charged with a regular DUI or an underage DUI. If they are charged with underage DUI, their case will be heard in the Alexandria Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, which has jurisdiction over all juveniles. Juvenile courts can levy various punishments that may be different than those in the adult courts. Juvenile courts can put someone under eighteen in alcohol education programs, make them do community service, and detain them for up to 29 days in a detention center. Someone under the age of eighteen will still have a criminal proceeding, but the punishment is likely to be different if they’re processed in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court (JDR).

BAC Restrictions

In Alexandria, there is a zero tolerance limit when it comes to a person’s BAC if they are under the age of twenty-one. A BAC of .02 or above, which is typically one drink, is considered an offense. The same standards apply to a person who is under the age of eighteen. The legal drinking age across the country is twenty-one, and there is no leniency to that rule in Alexandria.

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