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There are two DUI statutes in Virginia, and one of them is a DWI, which involves drug cases. A DWI in Virginia is driving while intoxicated, such as operating a vehicle after the consumption of alcohol, drugs, or some combination of both which causes them to be driving impaired a highway within the state. The penalties associated with a drug DUI charge are the same as the penalties for an alcohol-related DUI charge.

If you are facing a DWI drug charge, contact a Fredericksburg DUI drug lawyer to schedule a consultation. An experienced attorney could work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and fight for a positive outcome.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in DUI Drug Cases

In the event someone is charged with a drug DUI, they should not:

  • Voluntarily give up blood
  • Voluntarily make any statements about anything taken or not taken
  • Voluntarily tell the police what drugs they took, even if it was their prescription
  • Voluntarily tell them what over-the-counter medicine they took
  • Voluntarily tell them anything, even if they think they are not impaired

A person should not volunteer any information to law enforcement.

Importance of a Defense Lawyer

It is important to have an accomplished DUI drug attorney in Fredericksburg when someone is facing these charges. The accused offender may need a defense attorney who knows:

  • The methods police use
  • Whether the police methods were conducted correctly
  • Potential defense strategies
  • How to effectively negotiate with prosecutors
  • Courtroom procedures and how to craft an argument that will appeal to a particular judge

Unfortunately, DWI cases are often heard in General District Court, and those are not courts of record. The judges feel as though they can get away with inappropriately weighing the law. There might be situations where a judge finds the person guilty, even if the judge might not have evidence proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. However, the convicted person can always appeal.

Appealing a DUI Drug Conviction

There is an option to file an appeal, but it prolongs the process and costs much more money. A Fredericksburg DUI drug lawyer could advise an accused person on several issues, such as the likely outcome for a given court and judge, the potential long-term consequences, and if the offer from the prosecutor is a good deal or not. This way, the individual is able to make an educated decision on whether it is worth it to go to trial and if it is worth the price they potentially have to pay.

Sometimes, the judges will revoke the individual’s bond on appeal because the prosecutor has certain strong evidence. This suppresses the individual’s rights to fight the case and exercise their right to a trial. The judges can lock the person up if they lose at trial, even though they have the absolute right to appeal in Virginia.

Reach Out to a Fredericksburg DUI Drug Attorney

If you were charged with driving under the influence of drugs, do not risk appearing in court without a qualified criminal defense attorney by your side. An experienced Fredericksburg DUI drug lawyer could carefully analyze the facts of your case and craft a credible defense. At every step of the process, an attorney could fight tirelessly to protect your interests. Call today for a consultation.

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