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While a person could be charged with reckless driving by vehicle not under control in a number of different circumstances, such a violation could have a significant impact on a person’s ability to drive. No matter the cause of the crash, a Mecklenburg reckless driving by vehicle not under control lawyer could examine the facts of your case and explain your legal options. Let a seasoned attorney champion your case.

Defining a Reckless Driving by Vehicle Not under Control Charge

A reckless by driving a vehicle not under control means that there is no specific explanation for the accident. These charges typically appear in single-car motor vehicle accidents. While it is charged similarly to reckless by speeding in court, driving by vehicle not under control cases may have additional evidence that could be used against the defendant. The prosecution may look for evidence that indicates that the accused was operating a vehicle in such a way that the accident led to damage to property or injury of people.

Accidents Caused by Faulty Mechanics

While it is possible that the wreck was caused the fault of mechanics, it is important towards determining the culpability of the driver in every reckless driving by accident case. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that their car is in working condition. This could mean regular check-ups, check-ins to the mechanic, and making regular safety inspections if their state requires it. If a person’s vehicle had faulty brakes that were not given a factory recall, a Mecklenburg attorney could use this as a defense against any reckless driving by vehicle not under control allegations. Ultimately, it is the person’s duty as a driver of the car to check if the vehicle was working properly before driving. Every driver is recommended to regularly get their car inspected. By doing so, it could help protect against vehicle malfunctions.

How an Attorney Could Build a Defense Case for Loss of Vehicular Control Cases

In pre-trial, an attorney could investigate the case fully, interview the accused thoroughly, negotiate with prosecutors when possible, and research all potential defenses for the specific traffic case. While the observations of a law enforcement officer that was present at the scene of the alleged reckless driving crash could be used against defendants, an attorney representing the accused could help accused individuals refute the officer’s testimony. A reckless driving by losing control of car attorney in Mecklenburg may do so by cross-examining the officer and any other witness at the scene and by presenting the best case for someone based on the information that they give the attorney.

There could be legal excuses for the vehicle not being under their control. This could include vehicle malfunction and medical issues. It is important for defendants to give all the information to their attorney immediately.

Impact of Losing Control of a Car on a Commercial Driver’s License

A reckless driving conviction could have very serious consequences on a commercial driver’s license. It may be crucial for drivers who hold a CDL hire an attorney immediately. A lawyer could fight to preserve a person’s CDL and protect their employment.

Consult a Mecklenburg Reckless Driving by Vehicle Not under Control Lawyer

A Mecklenburg reckless driving by vehicle not under control lawyer could review your case to determine potential defenses for your criminal case. Your criminal attorney could dispute any evidence the prosecution may use against and protect your driving rights. Reach out to an attorney to an attorney by calling today.

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