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Drug distribution deals with larger quantities of the drug than with simple possession. The biggest element is whether or not it was for personal use or if it was meant to be sold or distributed. An experienced Alexandria drug attorney can guide clients through the differences

Often, it’s very fact-specific and there are a lot other different factions that can be shown that can influence it. An Alexandria drug distribution lawyer helps with the process of dealing with authorities and building your case.

Elements of a Drug Distribution Charge

Any drug distribution charge is going to have certain factors and elements. Here are the following factors:

  • Quantity of the drug
  • Amount of money found/involved
  • Location where drugs were found
  • If children were involved

Some of these factors are more serious than others and an Alexandria drug distribution lawyer can help you determine all factors.

Constitutional Issues

The main one is search and seizure. It’s hard to argue that it’s not cocaine or whatever the illegal substance is but often, on these, especially if it’s a traffic stop, an officer will make “pre-textual” traffic stops in which they know that they are going to pull the individual over, but are coming up with a reason for why they are doing so. The officers have to have a probable cause to search the individual and get access to the individual and/or his or her vehicle.

Evidence used by the Prosecution

What elevates it from possession to distribution usually focuses on certain things. One of them is the quantity of the drugs. There are certain amounts which are considered consistent with personal use and there are other amounts that are not consistent with personal use. People tend to not hoard large quantities of drugs. If they’re users, they only keep one or two hits on them.

Another proof can be made by the packaging of the material – if it is in a baggie and if it is ready to be sold. Officers look for the presence of money and they look for the presence of scales that are used by dealers to weigh the amount that is being sold.

Role of an Alexandria Drug Distribution Lawyer

An individual would want an Alexandria drug distribution attorney that has dealt with these cases before and often times, in these cases, the attorney uses a confidential informant. Police officers tend to have somebody who is working off charges who will go and buy cocaine or other drugs from someone who is believed to be a drug dealer.

Additionally, an individual would want an experienced attorney who has dealt with these types of cases before and some possible problems that could occur with the confidential informant. Lastly, having a lawyer who is familiar with Fourth Amendment search and seizure law because that is going to come up a lot and that is often going to be the best defense.

Getting charged with drug distribution can have lasting effects on one’s life. Please contact an experienced Alexandria drug distribution lawyer today if you have been charged.

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