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It would be pretty difficult to find a driver in Mecklenburg County who has not been stopped for a traffic violation. While some are more serious than others, it is worth considering the ramifications of any traffic violation before paying a ticket or showing up for traffic court. Even a minor offense can have long-term, expensive consequences.

And a conviction for a more serious offense can affect driving privileges, employment and even result in jail time, as well as very heavy fines. So if you have been charged with a traffic violation, take the time to consult a knowledgeable Mecklenburg County traffic lawyer who could advise you of how to best protect your driving privileges and the most cost-effective way to approach the situation. Call today and set up a meeting with a dedicated defense attorney.

Common Traffic Offenses Charged in Mecklenburg County

The Virginia Motor Vehicle Code is full of traffic laws that are violated every day in Mecklenburg County, but some violations are charged more frequently than others. These include:

An experienced traffic attorney in Mecklenburg County could assist with these and other alleged violations. Paying a ticket is an admission of guilt, and often costs more in increased insurance premiums and other difficulties than the cost of hiring a lawyer to defend against the charges.

Reckless Driving Can Cover a Wide Range of Conduct

Many drivers who live in Mecklenburg County or who are passing through on I-85 have been charged with reckless driving without understanding what that offense involves. Section § 46.2-852 of the Virginia code defines reckless driving to include driving on a highway “recklessly” or in a way or at a speed that could “life, limb, or property.”

So the definition of the type of conduct that constitutes recklessness is subjectively placed in the hands of the officer of the Virginia State Police or Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office who views a particular driver during a particular moment.

There are additional statutes that describe specific situations that will be treated as reckless driving such as driving with faulty brakes, passing on a curve, driving with an obstructed view, passing two vehicles that are next to each other, passing at a railroad crossing, failure to signal a turn, passing a stopped school bus, driving too fast for conditions, driving 20 miles or more over the speed limit or driving faster than 80 miles per hour. (See Va. Code Ann. §§46.2- 853 through 46.2-862.)

Penalties for Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is treated as a Class 1 misdemeanor criminal offense and may be penalized as a felony in certain circumstances. (Va. Code Ann. §46.2-868.) Penalties for this Class 1 misdemeanor include up to one year of imprisonment and a fine of up to $2,500, plus the imposition of 6 points which can lead to a license suspension.

A court may, under section 46.2-869 of the Virginia code, reduce a reckless driving charge to a charge of improper driving, which is not a criminal offense but a traffic infraction with a maximum penalty of a $500 fine.

Consult with a Mecklenburg County Traffic Attorney

Since even a minor traffic offense can cause a big increase in insurance rates and lead to an accumulation of points that may impact your driving privileges, it makes sense to learn your options for defending against the charges.

If you are facing a serious criminal offense such as DUI/DWI or reckless driving, it is wise to start receiving advice from an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Either way, a consultation with a knowledgeable Mecklenburg County traffic lawyer could help you take the right steps to reach the optimum outcome in your case.

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