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While drunk driving charges are difficult enough to face in court, facing an additional charge of driving without a license in court could be overwhelming. A DUI without a license charge is tried in a unique manner since the reason behind a person’s lack of an ID might greatly impact a case. Accused individuals are advised to consult a Fredericksburg DUI without a license lawyer to learn their rights. A well-practiced DUI attorney could fight for you.

Common Characteristics of Unlicensed Drunk Driving Cases

If someone is charged with a DUI while driving without a license in Virginia, its impact on the DUI case depends on the reason they did not have their ID. If the person forgot and left the license at home, the DUI case could be treated as an ordinary DUI. Alternatively, if they had no license or it was suspended, it could be treated more seriously. The charge may have a negative impact on whether the person could get even a restricted license. They would likely lose their license altogether if convicted of the offense. Whether driving without a license is a separate DUI-related charge or an addition to the DUI depends on whether the license was revoked or suspended for a DUI or whether they just did not have their license with them. Unlicensed driving charges and DUI charges are heard at the same time if they occurred in the same incident.

Differences Between Suspended License and Unlicensed Driver Cases

Driving on a suspended license is a Class 1 misdemeanor and is considered to be a more serious offense than an unlicensed driver charge. If the license was suspended or revoked because the individual had a DUI and they are caught driving and convicted of a new DUI, they will likely lose their license for a minimum of one year and will not be able to get a restricted driver’s license during that period.

If someone is stopped and it is their third offense for driving on a suspended license, it carries a mandatory minimum of 10 days in jail. In Virginia, each additional offense is likely to result in some type of mandatory minimum sentence. Whatever the reason why someone did not have their license at the time of the arrest, a seasoned Frederickburg DUI while on probation attorney could provide them with legal support.

New DUI Charges Could be Aggravated by a Previous DUI License Suspensions

If a license was suspended following a DUI, it could aggravate a new DUI charge. The individual is likely to be required to serve all or part of the jail time, which is typically a minimum of 60 days. Since the initial DUI would revoke the person’s license, a second DUI could lead to revocation for a minimum of 12 months in jail. Defendants may also be ineligible for a restricted license during that time. After the second DUI, they could get additional jail time of up to 12 months for driving with a revoked or suspended license and may face additional mandatory minimum jail times. This may depend on how long ago the previous DUI occurred, the reason they were driving, whether they were speeding at the time, and other factors that could aggravate the suspended-license charge. For more information, reach out to a dedicated defense attorney.

A DUI Without a License Lawyer in Fredericksburg Could Help

Given the potential impact of unlicensed drunk driving charges, defendants are recommended to reach out to a Fredericksburg DUI without a license lawyer immediately. An experienced attorney could review a person’s case, collect evidence on behalf of the accused, and build a strong defense to protect them from the short-term and long-term consequences of a conviction. Call today to learn more about your legal options.

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