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The crime of theft (also known as larceny) takes many forms, but at the heart of a theft charge is the fact that the law believes an individual took property from another without permission. Because theft charges are more complex than meets the eye, accused individuals may wish to retain the services of a Chantilly theft lawyer if they wish to fully understand them. Contact a dedicated criminal attorney today to gain an aggressive advocate for your defense.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Theft

Depending on the nature of their charges, individuals can face either a misdemeanor (petit larceny) or felony (grand larceny) theft charge. Theft laws are very strict in the state of Virginia, and individuals accused of taking goods or services valued at $500 or more will face felony theft charges. Felony theft can result in up to 20 years of prison time, post-release supervision, fines, and other types of restitution. Individuals charged with taking property valued at less than $500 can face up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500. Defendants who have been previously convicted of misdemeanor theft will face harsher penalties that first-time offenders. Reach out to a skilled defense lawyer to learn more.


Shoplifting is one of the most common types of theft, and individuals may face harsh legal penalties if they are convicted. According to Section 18.2-103 of the Code of Virginia, it is illegal to take goods or services without paying for them and without the permission of the owner. The state also charges individuals who engage in the following activities with shoplifting:

  • Concealing or taking possession of goods or merchandise without offering payment
  • Altering price tags or transferring goods from one container to another
  • Assisting or aiding someone in committing any of the previously mentioned acts

If the value of the goods amounts to less than $500, the accused individual will be charged with petit larceny, but if they amount to $500 or more, they will be charged with grand larceny. In order to avoid facing such serious charges alone, consider the option of acquiring legal counsel from a Chantilly theft lawyer today.


Unlike normal larceny charges, the charge of robbery involves using force to take the property of another. This can involve using a weapon to intimidate another individual, or even using the threat of a weapon to engage in theft. Robbery is one of the most serious forms of theft, and those convicted will face lengthy prison sentences. Someone can only be charged with larceny if the alleged victim was in their presence at the time of the crime, and a prosecutor must prove the alleged perpetrator intended to commit a crime. Even if someone is not face-to-face with the individual at the time of the crime (ex: someone enters a home while the property owner is in a different room), they can still be charged with robbery.

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If you are presently facing theft charges, it is important to know that it could be possible to have your charges reduced or dismissed with the aid of a professional Chantilly theft lawyer. The state aggressively prosecutes many forms of theft, and you do not want to be caught off guard in court. Consider contacting a Chantilly theft lawyer today to help discuss your case and craft a professional defense on your behalf.

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