What to Expect in a Virginia Drug Case

Drug crimes are treated incredibly seriously in Virginia. When a person hires an attorney right away, they can look at the person’s case and decide if there is a defense, what the defense would be, and may also prevent that person from providing evidence to law enforcement that could potentially incriminate them. They can help that person get the most appropriate result for the best outcome.

That might include avoiding jail time, a reduction to a misdemeanor from a felony drug offense, or some kind of diversionary program. The lawyer can let the person know about the options available to them and the best strategy for their particular case.

In order to know exactly what to expect in a Virginia drug case, it is imperative that an individual consult with an experienced drug attorney as soon as possible.

Common Drug Crimes

The drug crimes most commonly seen in Virginia include possession charges, which depend on the quantity of the drug possessed. What to expect during a drug case in Virginia entirely depends on the type of drug in question. Simple possession charges are the majority of the Virginia drug crimes charges. Any kind of driving under the influence of illicit drugs is also unauthorized in Virginia and is a common charge in the commonwealth.

Urban vs. Rural Trends

The few drug trends in Virginia are mostly divided between rural and urban areas. Urban areas tend to have a lot more of certain types of drugs and crimes than other areas. It depends on the general area and the access of the individual population to certain types of drugs.

Things like methamphetamine are more present in rural areas because to be created, there must be a certain type of setup that is more conducive in a rural area as compared to an urban area. Depending on the type of drug present, an attorney can help an individual determine what to expect during their Virginia drug charge.

What to Expect

It is important to note that officers want to crack down on as many drug offenses as they can. The more serious and more addictive drugs are a special area of focus for officers. Heroin, cocaine, and other addictive drugs are what Virginia law enforcement officers focus on.

When someone is charged with a drug offense in Virginia, they can expect a few things to happen. First, they can expect that they will be investigated depending on the type of drug and the circumstances surrounding their charge. There is a chance they could have some kind of search warrant executed on their car or home depending on the nature and circumstances of the type of drug that they are being investigated for.

A law enforcement officer may also talk to the person’s friends and family, or get a search warrant for the person’s blood for a blood test. There could be situations where the person is asked to come to the police station to give a statement. In another situation, the officer may stop someone, find a small amount of marijuana, and issue a summons for that person to come back to court. Other situations where a person might be arrested depend on the type of drug and the circumstances surrounding that particular situation.

Administering the Charges

Initially, the officer or the magistrate decides on the charges.   If a crime is committed in the officer’s presence or if there is an investigation going on, the officer goes to the magistrate and tells them what happened. The magistrate then decides what charges are most appropriate. Ultimately, the decision about the charges rests on the Commonwealth attorney or the prosecutor of the case. The charge will appear as soon as there is some kind of background check on that person.

As soon as an individual has been charged with such a crime, they should contact a lawyer to aid them in understanding what to expect during their particular drug case in Virginia.

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