Mecklenburg Reckless Driving by Obstructed View Lawyer

Mecklenburg reckless driving by control impaired or obstructed view charges typically occur from an overloaded vehicle drives differently from their weight or obstructs the driver’s view. This could cause an accident since they did not see a fellow driver.

This charge is not tacked onto any stop every time and only occurs in certain cases. Individuals facing such a charge are recommended to contact a Mecklenburg reckless driving by control impaired or obstructed view lawyer. A well-practiced attorney could build a defense for the accused and champion their case.

Evidence That Could be Used Against the Defendant

While it is unlikely that the accused may have a legal excuse sufficient to defend reckless driving charges, a person’s attorney could examine their case to build a legal defense.

The prosecution may primarily use observations and photographs that the officer investigating the case may have made on the scene. An experienced attorney could help refute this evidence by by conducting an independent investigation, and obtaining information directly from the accused. While attaching a bumper sticker that says “overloaded” and having their caution lights on could be factors that are relevant to informing other drivers, and may lead to a favorable ruling, It is not a guaranteed defense in court when facing reckless driving allegations.

Comparing Reckless Driving by Control Impaired or Obstructed View With Reckless by Speeding

As a knowledgeable Mecklenburg reckless driving attorney could explain, control impaired or obstructed view  is different from reckless by speeding in court since the latter is more routine and it is somewhat analogous to regular speeding tickets. It typically occurs when overloading or improper seating of passengers causes an accident. An overloaded car could obstruct a driver’s view or affect their vehicle’s ability control the vehicle and to handle the roads. Drivers must always maintain their vehicle in such a way that allows them to be able to drive safely.

Impact of a Charge on a Commercial Driver’s License

A Charge could have a significant impact on a commercial driver’s license. It is important to hire a reckless driving by control impaired or obstructed view attorney in Mecklenburg immediately when facing such allegations. This could help minimize any impact to their livelihood if their career depends on their commercial driver’s license.

Reach Out to a Reckless Driving Attorney

Some important pretrial steps an attorney could take to help with this kind of case may include negotiating the case with prosecutors, researching and investigating it independently, and helping prepare the best possible defense. A seasoned Mecklenburg reckless driving by control impaired or obstructed view lawyer could review a defendant’s allegations, gather relevant evidence, and fight to preserve their reputation and career.

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