How a Fredericksburg DUI Affects Employment

Drunk driving allegations could have serious and long-lasting consequences on a person’s professional. An accusation could put the individual’s livelihood at risk and may even threaten any future employment opportunities for a multitude of reasons. To understand how a Fredericksburg DUI affects employment, it may be necessary to speak with a well-practiced attorney. An experienced DUI attorney could explain the challenges you face and could fight for you.

Difference Between a DUI Arrest and a Conviction on a Criminal Record

A DUI arrest typically has less of an impact on a person’s professional life if they are not convicted. Individuals should still note that some jobs may terminate the person’s employment due to an arrest even without a conviction. A charge itself is much different than a conviction since a conviction is a permanent part of a person’s criminal record. Since a person cannot get a conviction expunged or sealed in Virginia, convictions will be on their record forever. It will mark the person as a criminal if they have that conviction. With just a charge, the individual may be able to get the charge expunged, sealed, or erased from their record.

Impact of a Drunk Driving Charge on a Person’s Career

A DUI on a person’s record could affect their employment in many ways. They may:

  • Lose their employment
  • Be put on probation
  • Be suspended from their jobs
  • Lose their ability to perform certain functions within their job
  • Lose their security clearance if they have one

Defendants are recommended to speak with a knowledgeable Fredericksburg attorney about how a DUI affects employment.

Long-term Consequences of a Conviction

Given the person’s specific line of work, a DUI conviction could have wildly different impacts on their employment. While it could be relatively irrelevant for someone with an office job, a person who drives for a living can lose their license and be unable to maintain that profession. Each case will determine whether the person will be able to get that type of employment in the future, maintain their current employment, or have to seek a completely new line of work.

Effects of a First-Offense DUI on a Person’s Employment

A DUI’s impact on a person’s employment in Fredericksburg may vary based on their employer and their job description. For some people, even a DUI charge could have an impact. They might lose their ability to maintain employment simply by being charged if they are a driver for a living. For some individuals, they could have multiple DUI convictions and will not lose their job. Individuals could look to their human resources handbook, check the conditions of their contract, or speak with a trusted supervisor to find out how a DUI conviction is going to affect them.

Impact of a DUI on Future Job

Depending on the person’s line of work, future employment options can be impacted differently by a DUI conviction. As an example, a person might lose the opportunity to be considered as a serious candidate by their future employer if it is a driving job. This could include jobs like operating heavy machinery, truck driving, or even being a professional driver for a head of state. If the person applies to a job that does not involve driving and has no stigma attached to it for substance abuse issues, the employer’s decision to hire them may not be influenced by the presence of a DUI conviction on their record.

To learn more about how a Fredericksburg DUI affects employment, reach out to a dedicated defense attorney today.

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