Mecklenburg County Drug DUI Arrests

DUI drug arrests are a priority for Mecklenburg County law enforcement, and all drug-related crimes are priorities for Mecklenburg County law enforcement. They treat DUI drug cases seriously. Mecklenburg County drug DUI arrests can have long-lasting consequences for an individual. That is why, if an individual has been arrested for a DUI drug offense, they should seek the services of a passionate DUI drug lawyer. A capable attorney could help an individual post bond and help build their defense.

Difference Between Alcohol and Drug DUIs

As far as law enforcement officers are concerned, there is no difference between driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The only difference law enforcement officers would experience would be the difference in having an immediate test result from the breath test when alcohol is suspected versus having to wait for the results of a blood test. Regardless, law enforcement officers will pursue their investigation with the same level of seriousness and will not be deterred by having to test blood as opposed to having to test breath.

How Law Enforcement May Look for Evidence of Drug Use

Law enforcement officers are often trained in what to look for to determine drug use. That includes nervous behavior, agitation, or excessive grogginess. It includes whether or not somebody’s eyes are bloodshot, whether there is the presence of drug paraphernalia such as pipes or syringes, and whether or not there is the odor of drugs present in the car. It could include how a person conducts themselves when they are talking with the officer on the side of the road.

Field sobriety tests conducted during Mecklenburg County drug DUI arrests will mirror the same field sobriety tests done during an alcohol arrest. Importantly, the standard field sobriety tests as determined by NHTSA have been tested for reliability for alcohol use, but there is no test for reliability for those field sobriety tests as it relates to drug use. They would have to be tested for each specific drug in order for those tests to be reliable indicators of impairment for each specific drug.

Handling Marijuana DUI Cases in Mecklenburg County

In some parts of the country, changing attitudes or laws may have changed the way marijuana cases are handled when it comes to DUI drug cases. However, in Mecklenburg County, marijuana DUI drug cases are treated the same as they would be for any other serious drug or alcohol. In other words, Mecklenburg County does not treat marijuana any more leniently than they do any other substance.

Marijuana DUI cases tend to be quite specific because the effect of marijuana on each individual is different based on that individual’s frequency of marijuana use, their weight, and the way their body specifically metabolizes marijuana. An expert witness is going to be necessary to prove the case against them on a marijuana case but, despite the fact that marijuana is increasingly legalized throughout the nation, it is illegal in Virginia and it will be prosecuted as a DUI drug case the same as if it was for a more serious drug or alcohol.

Value of a Mecklenburg County DUI Drug Attorney

If you want to know more about the specifics of Mecklenburg County drug DUI arrests, it is imperative that you get in touch with a qualified drug DUI attorney. A skilled DUI drug lawyer could collect the evidence needed to build your defense and could work tirelessly to fight for you.

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