Building a Vienna Traffic Defense 

Traffic offenses are serious offenses that could have even more severe consequences. Some of the consequences of a traffic offense include receiving points on your license, fines, and license suspension. With so much at stake, it is vital that you get in touch with a capable traffic lawyer. A qualified traffic attorney could begin building a Vienna traffic defense for you.

Defense Strategies

Defense strategies that a criminal lawyer might use when building a Vienna traffic defense depend on what charge the person faces. In cases that involve speed, an attorney would be able to attack the methods for determining speed and the officer’s accuracy when deciding what speed they felt the individual was going.

In situations where somebody is charged with some type of licensing issue, a suspended license, or no operator’s license, an attorney is also able to attack under the law based on statutory requirements for things like notice of the suspension and then whether or not somebody was aware or should have been aware.

Challenging the Validity of Traffic Stops

For a traffic infraction that leads to other charges, the actual stop itself can be a point that attorneys will challenge. Whether or not the police had the reasonable suspicion to pull somebody over in the first place, especially when it stopped to see or it led to other charges. There are many ways that attorneys could attack traffic infractions and traffic charges in Vienna, but it is going to depend on the facts of each particular case.

Importance of Consulting a Traffic Lawyer

If someone was just involved with a routine traffic stop, they should consider contacting an attorney if they are charged with something as a result of that stop that could potentially carry points for them—especially if it is something that would end up being a misdemeanor or a felony offense. Certainly, they should contact an attorney as well if it is a situation where they were stopped and that stop itself led to another charge. If somebody was subsequently charged with possession of marijuana, that is a very common situation in Virginia.

If somebody is stopped simply for a speeding ticket and then ultimately charged with possession of marijuana or something else due to the stop itself, they should contact an attorney. Anytime a person is stopped and there is either a misdemeanor or a felony charged leveraged against them or if they are charged with anything that carries points, it would be worth their time and it would be worth their money to hire an attorney.

Role of a Vienna Traffic Attorney

The role that a criminal lawyer would play when building a Vienna traffic defense is twofold. First and foremost, they will be in court for that person. In some cases, they can actually be in court instead of that individual so the individual will not have to take time off of work to fight the case. The attorney could examine the evidence against the individual, depending on what traffic infraction the person is involved in. A lawyer could check the officer’s note, the officer’s calibration, and otherwise make sure there is even enough evidence to convict that person at all. If there is, they can then negotiate with the prosecutor and try to solve these new charges of the prosecution or drop these cases completely, if the person has a good record, or help mitigate the effects. A qualified traffic attorney could advocate for them.

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