Driving Classes in Prince William County

 In many cases, an accused can take one or more driving classes approved in the state of Virginia to ultimately avoid a traffic offense conviction. This can happen either through negotiated leniency with the prosecution, or requested leniency from the judge.

Driving classes cannot be ordered by a court after a conviction for reckless driving unless the class is a conditional means of avoiding a certain aspect of punishment that could or has already been imposed. However, driving classes can be ordered after a conviction by the DMV, depending on the accused’s age, license status, and/or amount of preexisting demerit points accumulated by the date of offense associated with the conviction.

Read below to learn more about driving classes in Prince William County. And if you are facing a traffic offense, reach out to an experienced traffic lawyer today.

Taking Driving Classes Before Appearing in Court

Taking a driving class before appearing for a final court date can, and almost always does, help a person’s traffic case outcome. For this reason, it is a very typical recommendation for a lawyer to give to a traffic offense defendant, regardless of the quality of their preexisting driving record.

There are only two main types of driving classes that Prince William courts are familiar with. One course is four hours in length, and the other course is eight hours in length. Some providers who offer both courses also offer them in a back-to-back 12 hour package.

Who Offers Driving Classes in Prince William County?

Driving classes are certainly available within Prince William County, as well as throughout neighboring northern Virginia cities and counties. Private companies that have been approved for accreditation by the state of Virginia are the entities that offer driving courses, and there are many such providers available who offer courses both in-person and online. Typical driving courses in Prince William County cost less than $100.

Do Driving Classes Need to be Certified by the State?

Prince William County courts will only accept completion certificates from class providers who are approved by the state of Virginia, and Prince William County does not approve any course providers who are not physically located within Virginia. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Call a Prince William County Attorney About Driving Classes

If you have any questions about driving classes in Prince William County and how an attorney could help you, call today. If you are facing a traffic charge, a dedicated lawyer could advocate for you and fight for your rights. A traffic offense could lead to expensive fines, possible jail time, points on your driver’s license, and a rise in your insurance rates. Enough points on your license could lead to a suspension. Losing your driving privileges could cause many issues with your personal and professional life. Therefore, you might want to consider reaching out to an accomplished lawyer right away. The sooner you obtain an attorney, the sooner they could begin assessing your options and building your case. Call a well-versed legal professional today to get started.

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