Fairfax Traffic Demerit Point System

The Commonwealth of Virginia uses a demerit point system to encourage drivers to follow the traffic laws. Under the demerit point system, points are assigned to a person’s driver’s license based on the seriousness of the offense. Points can be assigned as low as three points per infraction and as high as six points per infraction for a charge like reckless driving. Typically, demerit points remain on someone’s license for a period of two years.

To learn more about the Fairfax traffic demerit point system, contact a seasoned traffic lawyer today.

When an Individual Accumulates too Many Points

If a driver accumulates too many points in total or too many points over a specific timeframe, the Department of Motor Vehicles can administratively suspend a person’s driver’s license. Points can be assigned for infractions from other jurisdictions under certain circumstances. Driving with a suspended license could result in a new Class 1 Misdemeanor conviction.

A driver in Fairfax may be able to accumulate good safe driving points if enough time passes without any new traffic infractions.

Uniform Demerit Point System

The uniform demerit points system was developed by the Department of Motor Vehicles to assign demerit points to a person’s driving record based on traffic infractions. Too many points can eventually lead to suspension of a person’s driver’s license. Depending on the circumstances, points could be assigned for offenses committed outside of Virginia, consistent with the uniform demerit point system. A knowledgeable attorney could answer questions about how points may be assessed under particular circumstances.

Challenging Points Assessed to a License

It is extremely difficult for someone to challenge points assessed to their driver’s license because points are assessed after the conviction has been imposed. This is why having a lawyer before going to court is essential. The attorney can address any issues that the driver may have with their charge and help a person avoid have points assigned to their record.

Depending on the basis for the challenge, a petition and hearing may be necessary because evidence needs to be presented showing how the mistake occurred. One of the most common challenges raised by traffic attorneys is that the accusation was not being properly confronted at trial before the points were assigned.

Reach Out to a Fairfax Traffic Attorney for Help

The most important way a traffic attorney can assist is by helping an individual avoid having points assigned to their license in the first place. This is why it is imperative to obtain legal counsel before trial. If the points are affecting a driver after the conviction has already been posted, a lawyer can be consulted as to how and whether those points can be challenged.

An accomplished attorney is going to be knowledgeable about the Fairfax traffic demerit point system and could provide a great benefit for you. They could review your situation and provide legal advice on what your options may be. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin working towards a positive resolution to your traffic case.

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